Posted by: John Edwards | September 27, 2008

Fate Providence Destiny


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I believe in these three things with all of my heart. I believe that God is in total control and that He has a plan and that nothing can happen to us apart from His will.

When I was a Word of Faith pastor, teacher, preacher, I taught that man was in total control of his own destiny. I taught that we could control our world, future and circumstances with our spoken words. I believed that I was in charge of my life. I did not believe that it was ever God’s will or purpose for me to suffer or go through hard times.

A good study of God’s Word will plainly show that God always has His way in all circumstances good or bad. God is the Boss.

Look at the life of Joseph and how God used every turn in his life good or bad for a plan. Look at Jesus and how God ordained that sinful men would betray and murder him. God raised up Pharaoh to show His purposes. God is always doing the unexpected.

I think in my own life that I can see the Providence of God at work many times. My mom was locked out of her hotel room in Panama City when my Dad just happen to pass through her breeze way at that moment in time. I just happened to walk into Wendy’s Hamburgers at the exact time that Coni was cleaning off a table right in front of me. My Dad just happened not to be killed during a mortar attack in Vietnam. I could go on and on describing incredible series of events which have changed my life and as a result has changed the life of hundreds of others. It’s like the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Everything happens for a reason, at the right season.

I did not believe any of this as a WOFER. I thought that everything was a result of my spoken words. Words like Providence, Destiny and Fate were offensive to me. I thought that I ran my life by confessions. My God was small and limited to my ability to have faith and to speak the right words.
Tell me. what were the mathematical chances of Sarah Palin being the Vice-Presidential nominee? The only reason she got in politics was because her kids school was screwed up, forcing her to get involved with the PTA. What if there had been no problems? What if Hitler had stopped the British retreat at Dunkirk? What if Lee Harvey Oswald had missed his shot? What if Martin Luther King had not been out on that balcony? What if the plane carrying the Atomic bomb had crashed on take off? What if Abraham Lincoln had stayed home from the movies? What if Judas had not betrayed Jesus? What if Pilate had let Him go free?

I am telling you that God is in total control of all events and that He has a plan, and everything that happens to us good or bad is according to His sovereign will.

Proverbs 21:1 Romans 8:28 Acts 4:26 Ephesians 1:11


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