Posted by: John Edwards | September 26, 2008

Patti the Preacher


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Patti McKown has been at The Edge/Hillside Hillside Church for many years. Her husband Roy is our drummer, and both of her teenage boys grew up in our church.

Patti was hard to get to know. She is what a pastor would call “low maintenance”. The only time I ever had visited with her is when she was dying of some rare disease that God healed. Other than that, she would hardly speak. She never complained or whined as so many do. She was just a good church member. Patti never craves attention or recognition. She never wants to be in charge.

Somehow over the last year or so I have just seen so much in her. I know that she is full of God and passion. I know she loves her family. She is full of faith. Patti has been doing our women’s ministry and out topless dancer ministry for the last couple of years. She takes gift baskets to the topless bars and witnesses to the girls. The love her for it.

Patti became our main adult Sunday school teacher when we moved into our new building last October. I have never missed one of her classes. They get better each week. Every message speaks to me the whole week long.

It first Patti was real meek and timid in her delivery. But now she is putting her emotions into it and it has been great. The think what I like about her the most is that she is a serious student of the Word. When I began to make massive doctrinal changes over the summer, she began to study. Others left. The ones that studied stayed. The ones that are hungry for the absolute real deal truth will study and read. Patti listens to every tape and Cd that I give her. She and Coni go back and forth debating the Word. Patti is a thinker. God has gifted her to teach the Word in a way that she can use every day circumstances as teaching tools.

Its funny that Roy and Patti have been driving across the county to church for years, and then as soon as they buy a house across the street we are selling the building. I hope that is a God thing! Now she is late to church! hahaha. Anyway, if you want to hear a good message, come to hear Patti this Sunday morning at 1030. You will be glad that you did.


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