Posted by: John Edwards | September 19, 2008

Mac Attack: John MacArthur and James MacDonald on The Word of Faith


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I have been listening to John MacArthur and James MacDonald on the radio every night for about two months.

Both of them are outstanding Bible teachers. I have learned a lot from them already. Great stuff. You can probably Google them on the web and listen to them teach. John MacArthur is the author of the best selling book “Charismatic Chaos” that every Christian should read. It is a real eye opener. He also has written a Bible Commentary that is very good. If you live in the Birmingham area, then you can catch them from 930 to 1030 PM at 88.9 FM.

On Sunday Nights I have been attending Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church. Pastor Bob Flayhart has a small group that meets at 5:30 with free food. It is very casual. He teaches the Word and lets everyone ask questions. I have challenged him to a debate. I want to debate him from a Charismatic-Word of Faith perspective. Of course I expect to be blown out, but it would be fun. I mean a healthy debate, not an argument. I hope he accepts my challenge.

We are also attending the Theology Classes on Tuesday nights. It is very good. I likes it!

If you email me or send any comments and I seem slow to respond, it is only because I work two full time jobs on top of studying and going to classes, but I will eventually write back. Peace out.



  1. John,
    Just letting you know someone is out there and that were still reading.
    Todd M


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