Posted by: John Edwards | September 17, 2008

Red Necking and the Word Faith message


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I am a Redneck. That means that I talk funny and live in Alabama. I get along with the good old boys. I like Nascar and College football. I have lived in some fine trailers, and I drive a pick up truck. I have dawgs, not dogs.

Last night I found myself in theology leadership class at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church. I was surrounded by doctors, lawyers, pilots and businessmen. I really felt like a redneck but that’s OK because God uses me to minister to fellow rednecks. I can get any redneck saved. I can teach any subject in the Bible to any redneck and make them understand it. That is my gifting.

I started out as a tongue talking charismatic faith and prosperity preacher in 1998 in my living room. My first service drew a crowd of four rednecks. I probably am responsible for infecting about two or three thousand people with the Word of Faith message. I was so good at teaching it, that when I told them that I had been wrong, they all left.

The Word of Faith message appeals to the desperate and the ignorant. Everyone wants health, wealth, success and power and that is what the Word of Faith message is all about, you having total control and victory in your life. It is an easy sell to the gullible that are in need. People will believe in something that appeals to their needs and dreams.

The Word of Faith message gives your average redneck the impression that he will soon be packing up the old single wide in hopes of buying a double wide. It gets people in the section eight apartments fired up about moving into a townhouse. In real life, the only ones prospering are the prosperity preachers themselves. They buy jets and mansions with the seed faith offerings that poor rednecks send in. Its a great scam.

It is an awesome, inspirational message based on a few scriptures taken out of context that really appeals to the needy.

Its the same with healing. Desperate gullible people traveling all over the world to the latest meeting in hopes of getting healed. And nothing happens, except that they have parted with their seed faith money, and their hope.

I have had some mad folks show up in my office with testimonies of them being healed. Funny thing though, their testimony always includes a doctor, medicine and treatment. In other words, take away medical science and they are toast.

So, I found myself sitting next to this hot Italian lady (Coni) in a Presbyterian Church taking notes about reformation theology. It was fantastic! It was some awesome teaching. I think I know what God is doing with me. He is teaching me sound theology so I can “red-neck it” with the rednecks.

I can teach the Five Solas, T.U.L.I.P. and all that jazz to any red neck driving any pick up truck or tractor in the country.

God has anointed me to teach the Redneck Nation the Word of God. I can take what I learn at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church and translate all that legal theological stuff into a message that will get a red neck turned onto Jesus. This is cool.


  1. Glad you are enjoying it.



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