Posted by: John Edwards | September 15, 2008

The Word of Faith AND The Five Amigos Part Three


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Let me introduce the other three Amigos. Senor Solus Christos, Senor Sola Gratia and Senor Soli Deo Gloria. Sounds like a great Latino Jazz band huh?

Solus Christos means By Christ Alone. Our atonement is based on what Jesus has done for us. He alone was Righteous and died for our sins. Only His blood could cleanses us. Only Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life. In John 14:6 Jesus stated that He alone was the Way to the Father.

Our salvation is based on what He did for us.

Sola Gratia means By Grace Alone. It is only by God’s Grace that we are saved. It is by His mercy and not by our good works. We are under God’s Grace and not under God’s justice. Those that die apart from Christ get justice. They go the Hell. Those that have Christ are under God’s Grace, and we receive mercy instead of justice! Ephesians 2:8

Soli Deo Gloria simply means that To God alone be the Glory. Many times I have heard Word of Faith ministers boast about the things that they have obtained by their mighty faith. But really everything we get is from God, including our ability to believe God comes from God. You could have no faith on your own. You would not even seek God on you own. Therefore to God alone be all honor, glory and praise!


  1. Sorry I haven’t posted any comments lately, these are good articles on the five principles of the doctrines of grace!

    I have been struggling with some headaches and continued issues related to my fall in April, but am trying to stay positive.

    I had another MRI done today, this time on my right shoulder to rule out any additional injuries to the ligaments and/or rotator cuff in that arm.

    I’m glad that you are enjoying Dr. Flayhart’s teaching. As a general rule, the Presbyterian church (PCA) does a great job teaching the fundamentals of the doctrines of grace (or the 5 points of Calvanism, or whatever you want to call it). My main concern (as a Baptist of course) is the whole infant baptism issue. I worked for Covenant Presbyterian in Homewood for almost 3 years, in fact Rev. Hay (the pastor there) did our baby’s funeral when she died. I had many talks with various pastors there on that topic. I understand their “theory” but disagree with it strongly. That being said, I still greatly enjoy the teachings of Dr. Reeder at Briarwood and others.

    Keep up the good work. I hadn’t posted in awhile, but wanted you to know that I’m still reading. :O)

    Abiding in His grace,


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