Posted by: John Edwards | September 13, 2008

The Word of Faith Movement AND The Five Amigos, Part 2


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Now let me introduce you to Senor Sola Fide. His name in Latin means By FAITH ALONE. Our buddy Martin Luther had been a Catholic Monk. Like the Mormons, Catholics believe in a combination of works and grace to be saved.

According to Ephesians 2:8 salvation is a gift of God and not of ourselves.

I believe in once saved always saved because that is what the Word teaches. I could never, ever be good enough to save myself. I could never keep my salvation by my good works either. I am a career sinner saved by grace, and so are you. It is by FAITH in the finished works of Jesus alone that we are saved.

God hand picked me out for salvation before I was ever born, before I could do right or wrong. He is the one that placed the desire and the will to be saved in my heart. He is the one that reached down to me. Had I been left to myself, I would have never sought after God. I am saved and forgiven because I have faith in Jesus and what He purchased for me in the death, burial and Resurrection. I could never have done enough of good things to deserve it! None of us can. The human heart is desperately wicked. Thank God for Senor Sola Fide.


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