Posted by: John Edwards | September 12, 2008

The Word of Faith Movement AND The Five Amigos, Part One


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Have you ever heard of the Five Amigos? I never had until I started reading and studying after the Reformation Fathers. Let me introduce each one of them to you by name and then I will describe each of these guys over the next few days.

The first one is named Senor Scriptura Sola. That word sola in the Latin means ALONE. Another way of saying it is the Word of God only. Martin Luther would only accept what was plainly written in the Word. As far as he was concerned, the Bible was God’s perfect Word and the final authority in all matters concerning faith. I believe this too.

But Charismatics, Catholics and Mormons are a wee different. The Catholics also accept the word of a Pope as the Word of God. The Mormons accept Joseph’s Smith’s writings as the Word of God. The Charismatics accept tongue interpretations, words of prophecy, words of wisdom and words of knowledge as the Word of God. All three of these belief systems accept teachings outside of the Bible. The Reformed view point is that we accept absolutely NOTHING beyond the Scripture. I said NOTHING!

Martin Luther got into a lot of trouble by saying that. He was excommunicated. Thank God that he had backbone.

I have visited Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church. They have the Latin Words Scriptura Sola engraved in granite about the church. That made a deep impression on me. (No pun intended) The Word Alone.



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