Posted by: John Edwards | September 1, 2008

My Greatest Sin Ever as a Word of Faith Pastor


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The greatest sin that I ever committed as a pastor was preaching a weak, watered down humanistic Gospel. I candy coated the Message to appeal to folks. I turned the Gospel into a self-help, it’s all about me, feel good religion. I did not preach the True and Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Word of God. I preached a non-committal cotton candy message that appeals to human flesh and thinking.

The True Gospel of Jesus Christ, as taught by the Apostles of the Church, is rarely proclaimed in the American Church. The True Gospel will offend the flesh and the mind. The True Gospel causes repentance and conversion which combine to create definite change in a person’s life.

Faith in Christ and turning from sin go hand in hand. If there is no repentance, then there is no faith. If there is no change then there has been no conversion. Jesus demanded total repentance. Jesus demanded that people totally sell out their life for His Cause.

You pay a price to follow Christ. You must be willing to allow God to exercise complete dominion in your life. It is a fanatical conversion. Christ demands absolute total commitment to God. Faith and Repentance go together. You cannot have one without the other. Paul said to examine yourselves to see whether or not you are in the Faith.
You must ask yourself. Do I love God? Do I desire fellowship with Him through prayer and the Word? Do I desire to attend church faithfully? Do I desire to witness? Do I desire to resist sin? If these are not your desires, then it it may be because you are not saved. True salvation causes repentance and a desire to please God. If you are a true child of God, then your sins will bother you. Not reading the Word will bother you. Not praying will bother you. Not witnessing will bother you.

I am afraid that many people have mumbled a fire insurance prayer, which caused no repentance, and no fruit, are really not saved at all. All they did was make a heartless confession of mental assent.

White people do not sit around wondering if they are white are not. Black people do not sit around wondering if they are black or not. We know already. A true Christian knows for sure that he is saved because he is in love with Christ and committed to following Him at any and all cost.

Jesus demanded total lordship from His followers. A total sell out. If you are a true Christian, then you should be struggling with sin. There should be some warfare going on. If you are not fighting, then maybe you need to do a check up and find out if you have truly converted to Christ.

I could spend the next hour typing Scripture references from the New Testament that demand repentance. To repent means to turn away from sin in mind and action. Only a true conversion leads to salvation. It is one thing to get married and make some heartless vows in Las Vegas. It is another thing altogether to commit your whole life and heart to the pleasing of your spouse. Salvation demands repentance. The Gospel message, as proclaimed by Paul, James, John and Peter demanded repentance. Jesus demanded total commitment. He did not offer any half way relationship. He did not preach a part time lifestyle. Jesus was very specific, very demanding, very narrow and extremely clear that following Him was a 100% dying to ones self, and a 100% walk with him. Are you saved? Or just playing games with your soul? I would be honest and make absolutely sure.


  1. Hi John:

    I know that you and Todd have emailed privately. I am so pleased that the Lord has placed the two of you in one another’s paths.

    He and I have discussed it, and we would love to host you and your family in our home for dinner sometime. If you’d be available and like to do that. You may email him and we will work out the details!

    We would love to meet you and your family and encourage you in person.

    Oh, my times up, the Guatemalan princess has just awakened from her nap!

    Lori Mc.

  2. John,
    You’re very kind, however I’m not a preacher, just a Bible student/intermittent teacher. Studying to show myself approved. 2 Tim. 2:15

    Todd M

  3. Todd maybe you should come out and preach at Hillside sometime?

  4. John,
    I bet your brain hurts because the Lord has shown you so much lately. Your right on track about the gospel, it should cost us everything not guarantee us everything, our desires and even our dreams should yield to the gospel.
    Matthew 16:24 “Then Jesus said to his disciples, if anyone will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me”. The message of repentance is also in this verse, turning from ourselves to the Lord. If we spend our days in the pursuit of our dreams, passions, and pleasures then we have missed the message of the gospel and have not yet repented. This describes a self centered lifestyle not a God centered lifestyle. The gospel is a message of self denial, forsaking all in obedience to it and for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom.
    You’re right on track. And you’re also right about those fire insurance policies. When we’re born in the Spirit, born of God, it brings total and radical commitment to God and his word. It also brings a desire for obedience and holiness in our lives and a dislike for sin as well as a desire to continually bring every thought and action into subjection to God’s word.
    Preach on preacher!

    Todd M


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