Posted by: John Edwards | August 25, 2008

The Word of Faith AND Spiritual Arrogance

an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions

I have been on both sides of the charismatic debate. I was raised Southern Baptist and considered tongue talkers to be simple minded loons with no theological understanding.

I found them arrogant. Most of the ones that I came into contact with had an air of superiority about themselves, as if they had the leg up on the Body of Christ. They claimed more power, more insight and greater manifestations of God.

Then I became one of them. I sought an experience based on some bad Bible teaching and got one. All of a sudden I felt like I was one of God’s special kids with a new toy and that it was now my job to inform all of my ignorant Baptist friends of my new discovery of power. I ran everybody off.

All of my Baptist friends, family included, looked at me as an emotional dimwit. I could see in their eyes that they felt sorry for me. I would just look back into their eyes and feel sorry for them for being so blind and stupid.

I was now a full-fledged Pentecostal tongue talker and proud of it. Tongue talkers have to be around other tongue talkers. I had to get around people that were on the same superior plane that I now lived on. I looked down on the Baptist and Methodist and all the other cold denominations. I had found a new group of people that could heal the sick and raise the dead. I was now with the true believers. Now my eyes were open to the great truths of the Kingdom that denominational people were blind to. I instantly became more learned than all the theologians that had studied God’s Word for decades.

Now I had perfect revelation and could understand parts of the Word of God that denominational people could not grasp with their unenlightened minds. I was now a spiritual superman. Vastly superior to any poor Baptist. I now had all the answers. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, along with speaking in Tongues, became the new emphasis. This higher experience led me to more important truths in the Word, such as how to get every one of my prayers answered just the way I prayed them. Now I could put Jesus and the Salvation message in the trunk and focus on feelings and experiences. Even more important, I found out that I myself was a god and could create anything with my words. I didn’t even have to pray anymore because I could have what ever I said, just like magic. Now instead of laboring in prayer for the needs of others, I could mindlessly ramble in my super duper prayer language.

Cruise control.

This is the attitude that many charismatics have. I know because they email me constantly with their lofty corrections. They do not need to understand the Greek language and they do not need to study, because they have the Holy Ghost. They actually write me that! They are vastly more spiritual than I am. Even though they have never spent one hour in seminary, because they talk in tongues, they have special revelation from God. I wish I could share some of the outrageous, arrogant emails that I get. I would, but I do not want to expose their ignorance.

See, I have been guilty too. I felt the same way they did and I let everyone know that I had all the answers.

A few months ago, while fooling around with my Greek Dictionaries, I made some shocking discoveries about some of my pet passages. I quickly dismissed the Greek and rebuked it as the devil! What an idiot. But, the policeman in me kept digging around in that Greek. I saw some stuff about tongues and gifts that bothered me. I had too much integrity and too much passion for the truth to ignore it. I kept digging. I kept praying. I kept studying. All the while, charismatics warned me not to read, not to study, to put the Greek down. What were they afraid of? I kept at it and drew some new conclusions. I also drew fire. I have received some of the nastiest hateful email in my life, from tongue talkers. I get the most arrogant, hateful angry mail you would ever want to read! All from people that think they are more spiritual because they talk in tongues.

Talk about no love and no mercy. I have been damned and lectured and condemned as a blasphemer. According to some of my readers, I am now headed straight to the pit of Hell. I sure feel the love and mercy.

I think some of these people need to stop worshipping tongues and get their eyes on back on Jesus and the cross, cause a lot of them are so caught up in their gifts that they never mention Jesus or souls anymore.


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  1. I had a lot of spiritual pride myself. I suffered from eliteism!
    Thank God for grace, I sure need it.

  2. Hey John:

    Unfortunately I’ve known a few of those arrogant ones myself.

    Still praying for you and the Lord’s work in your life.

    In Christ,
    Lori Mc.


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