Posted by: John Edwards | August 21, 2008

Word Faith Flip-Floppin


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Flip-Floppin is what politicians do. They start out with one view and then make a 180 degree change in the middle of a campaign. That is what I have done, except that I am a pastor. I have flip-flopped big time. If anyone had told me this time last year that I would do a major flip-flop on many of my teachings and beliefs I would have never believed it. I would have bet my life on it. I was rock solid Word of Faith, making hundreds of faith confessions per day and praying in tongues all the time.

I thought today would be a good time to list some of the areas in which I have done a complete bat turn. We used to do bat turns in the police car. That means you are hauling butt in one direction, then stomp on the brakes, spin the wheel, and go the other way. It often kicked up a cloud of dust and left behind a lot of burnt rubber.

1) I no longer believe in the creative power of words, as being separate entities that can create material things by being spoken. That is voodoo.

2) I know longer believe, that if it is to be, then it is up to me. I used to believe that my present was a product of words spoken in the past. I taught and believed that we could frame our future with our confession.

3) I used to believe that material prosperity was a big deal. I Used to believe that it was the absolute will of God for every believer to be rich.

4) I used to believe that the gifts of the Spirit, as listed in 1st Corinthians 12, were an everyday operation in the church.
5) I used to believe in receiving prophetic words from people claiming to be speaking on behalf of God in my life.

6) I used to believe that the gift of healing and miracles were present in the church. I still believe in healing through faith and prayer, but not through the gifts.

7) I used to believe that God was really just leaving everything up to me.

8) I used to pray according to mark 11:24 blindly without considering the big picture of God’s will.

9) I used to believe that being slain in the Spirit was of God.

10) I used to pray in tongues all the time.

11) I used to believe that had God laid out some prayer rules, and faith rules, and that he then left it all up to me.

12) I used to believe in a God that was powerless to act apart from my prayers.

13) I used to believe that God had no authority over the devil, because I used to believe that all the power of God had been delegated to me, and that now I was in charge.

14) I used to believe that I could only pray by certain rules, and that I could never talk my problems out with God.

15) I used to believe in the total free will of man, that God would never intervene, that God would never violate my will.

16) I used to believe that God would never put stuff on me to test and try me.

17) I used to believe everything a Word of Faith minister would say that God had said to them.

18) I used to believe in Kenneth Hagins visions.

19) I used to believe that we were already physically healed by the stripes of Jesus.

20) I used to believe that Jesus went and burned in hell after he died on the cross.

21) I used to believe that the Baptist Church was blind and powerless.

Here are some new things that I now believe, that I did not believe last year.
1) I believe that God controls everything that happens in this world, good or bad, according to His plans and purposes.

2) I believe that when bad things happen, that God allows them to happen for a reason that will eventually work out for my good.

3) I believe that the Baptist Church is the real deal, and the most stable and scriptural of all denominations.

4) I believe that the only reason that any of us ever gets saved, is because God placed the faith and desire in our hearts to seek Him.

5) I believe we are baptized in the Holy Ghost the very moment we give our lives to Christ, and that at that moment we are complete in Him.

6) I believe that the gifts of the Spirit, as listed in 1st Corinthians 12, were Apostolic in nature, for the endorsement of the Gospel and of the Apostles that God would use to write scriptures.

7) I believe that if God wants someone healed, that there is no stopping it.

8) I believe that my daughter Jennifer died at the precise moment when God wanted her to come home, and that her days on earth had been fulfilled.

9) I believe in the total Sovereignty of God, that He is always good, and works out everything according to His good pleasure, and that I am the clay and that He is the potter.

10) I believe that God is a spirit, and that He is everywhere, all the time.

11) I believe that the blood of Jesus was enough for the Atonement, and that as soon as he died, he went to heaven.

12) I believe that there is absolutely nothing good in mankind apart from what God does in His Grace.

13) I believe that 1 peter 2:24 is talking about spiritual healing, as well as Isaiah 53, except for the part Jesus fulfilled in his earthly ministry.

14) I believe that when God wants something done, that He can get it done as quick as He wants it, and He is in no way dependent on man.

15) I believe that what people call their prayer language is gibberish resulting from learned behavior. A spiritual pacifier. Makes them feel good.

16) I believe that the Greek word for tongues in the book of Acts is the word describing a real and actual known language, and that it was a sign to the Jews that God was endorsing the Church.

17) I believe that God can act supernaturally any time He desires, but that the gifts of the Spirit faded out upon the completion of the New Testament.

18) I believe in the perfection and absolute integrity of the New Testament, and that it is all the Word of God that the church needs. It is enough.

19) I believe that I can pray in my native tongue, and pray the Word of God, and be led by the Holy Ghost in my heart.

20) I believe that if God has a word for me, that He can talk for himself, without using a third party that is most likely either giving me his opinion or hearing from a familiar spirit.

21) I believe that the vast majority of things that I experienced in my fourteen years with the Charismatic Church was mostly man-made emotion, counterfeit and unbiblical, and that the years I spent in the Baptist Church were the most solid and Biblical in my life.

22) I believe that I have done the best teaching that I have ever done in my ministry this summer, even if a lot of people don’t think so!

Boy, have I changed.


  1. Lori, you and Todd email me, and I will share a story about an experience I had with Miss America
    john Edwards

  2. Thank you LULU, Ben There, Todd, D for your comments. My internet had been down for a week.
    Lori I am sorry to hear of your loss. I did comment on your blog. I have been wanting to adopt a Chinese girl. I would like that. I have read about your daughters and think it is wonderful!I will read that scripture.
    Ben There you need to start writing more when you sober up!
    Todd several people here at Hillside are reading Pink, and seeing Pink hahaha

  3. I think you show remarkable courage and humility. Not many pastors would admit they’d been wrong in front of the entire congregation, knowing it might cost them members and their salary.

  4. I believe I agree with you. Boy have you changed! I remember when I first came into the church, the sermons were mostly stories. Now they are full of the Word and I can have confidence in what you teach because everything is fully backed up with scriptures. Preach on brother!


  5. John,
    I’ll say thats a turn for the better. That’s good stuff in what you believe now. Can I get an a-men!
    Some one once told me that if you believe in the mighty will of man and now your reading Pink that you’re in trouble. Pink’s Attributes Of God is a good one. If you have an opportunity you should read A.W. Tozier’s Knowledge Of The Holy and What Ever Happened To Worship.
    A friend of ours always says he’s praying the prayer that never fails: God, thy will be done.
    Still praying,
    Todd M

  6. For me, I am glad that you have changed your belief and teaching. It feels so good not to be condemned because I say that I can’t afford that or I am not feeling good. Now I don’t feel like a traitor as I had quit believing the name it and claim it bull crap some time ago.

    Not saying that I had quit loving God, just the opposite. I am putting him back in control, because I sure have made a mess of my life trying to work it my way and speaking in gibberish (tongues).

    I might have praying to the devil as far as I know and I sure did not know what I was saying.

    It is so good to be able to read the complete bible and not just excerpts that prove a point.

    I know that the church is going through hard times right now. But if it is God’s will, the church will survive this and grow. God is in control. We might have to do some things that we don’t want to do to survive. But we can do this.

  7. Dear Precious Brother in Christ,

    I am so blessed to see God’s MIGHTY hand at work in your heart. He is showing you daily who HE REALLY is!

    Todd mentioned that he’d read a post where you’d mentioned your daughter. He was not sure if she did indeed die or not, but I see from your post today that she did.

    We also lost a daughter, Kathryn Grace, who died in 1995, just 3 days after our 5th wedding anniversary. During those days I clung to Psalm 139:16 knowing that every one of her days and our days had been ordained by God. We had many friends in the Word of Faith movement that I’m sure thought she died because her daddy and I didn’t have enough faith, but I am here to tell you that on our faces in a hotel room in Boston, we poured out our hearts in faith before our God as we prayed for healing on her behalf. I knew that my God was able, I had no doubts. Even after she died, I laid over her grave and prayed for resurrection. Now, I’m Baptist, born and raised, and I guarantee you my faith was in a God who could!

    But here’s the point… Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. And, I can tell you, brother, as I am sure you understand, the real faith comes when you keep believing and trusting, even when you DON’T get what you prayed for!

    Todd and I spoke some time ago at a local church for their sermon series, “Shattered… Lives Restored”. We shared how God had been so faithful, and how we’ve seen His hand at work in our lives throughout the years, from our salvation to today. He is ever growing and changing us into the glorious image of Christ. May we reflect Him as we serve Him and come in contact with others every day.

    I am blessed to see your writings, and your heart poured out.

    I know you have visited my blog in the past. Perhaps you would like to read about our daughers Kathryn and Anna, and how we came to adopt our precious Sarah Beth, if you haven’t already read that post. It is here

    God’s continued blessings as you study and grow in grace,
    Lori McGuire


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