Posted by: John Edwards | August 20, 2008

Swallowing my Pride


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In between job interviews, funerals and working, I have been doing a lot of studying. I read the Attributes of God by Arthur Pink yesterday. I have been listening to some ministers on 88.5 FM out of Moody Bible Institute at night. I have read several outstanding books and I am also going through the Experiencing God workbook.

I have swallowed my pride. Looking back on the past several years, I have missed out on a lot of good teaching because of my spiritual pride. I really thought that I knew everything. I sincerely looked at myself as being spiritually superior to Denominational people. I thought that I had more power and knowledge than any Baptist. I felt sorry for all people who were not Charismatic Word of Faith. I would never ever listen to anything anyone taught if they were not Word of Faith.

Now I have been reading after people I used to disdain. I am shocked at how much they know!

When I first started reading Spurgeon, Pink, MacArthur and Calvin, I would disagree with just about everything they said. My thinking was so wrapped up in Faith Theology. but the more I read the more it bore witness with my spirit and my mind.

I feel like God is showing me so much about His Nature and mightiness that it is exploding in my mind. More and more I see that I taught a lot of error. As I reflect back on things that I once taught and believed, I shudder. I was so deceived and so blind to the truth.

I guess that the more studying that I do, the more I return to the roots of my faith. I grew up Southern Baptist. I used to listen to ministers such as J. Vernon McGee. Now I am listening to him again online. More and more the Reformed Theology bears witness with my mind and my heart. I see the Word of God completely different today, than I did a few weeks ago. My faith in God’s Sovereignty and Power has grown tremendously. I feel like I have been redeemed from a system of works.

My life used to revolve around my belief in the creative power of my words. I was trying to take the place of God. I was wanting God to do everything according to my will.

The difference between they way I believed, and the way I saw God, is totally 180 degrees from how I believe now. God is in control of my life. I used to think that I was in control of my life. I used to think that God was bound by my confession. I was so ignorant of the Word of God. I had made God common.

Now my biggest problem is this: How can I articulate these truths to others? The men that I have been studying after were mental and spiritual giants and wrote as such. I am a former LD student. How do I transfer the information onto my level? I really need God to help me to be able to share the Truth on my level. Lord help me!


  1. Thanks Lori, where do I find that book?

  2. Oops, that should be


  3. John:

    One of our favorite books that’s an easy read is called The Five Minute Theologian. It is writtten by Dr. Rick Cornish. The work was written by him for the purpose of teaching these great theological principles to his teenage children. It is a fantastic work, easy to read, concise and too the point.

    That might be a good place to start with helping you put the ideas into words that might make it easier for you to teach others.

    Again, I know I’ve mentioned our Pastor to you, but I have never known anyone who had such an ability to teach so clearly. If you listen to some of the podcasts or downloads, you will not be disappointed. He also produces something for us that is called a “reteaching” guide. It is for the church members to use to help them be equipped to reteach what they’ve just learned in the sermon. Being a theological professor, he has an amazing ability to teach.

    Again, so glad to see God revealing Himself as He truly is,
    Lori Mc.

  4. That’s how you will do it–by God’s grace. Moses was an 80-year-old shepherd with a speech impediment when God called him to confront Pharaoh and lead 3.5 million stiff-necked Jews. How did he do it? He didn’t. God did. Check out my August 17 sermon, “The God Who Overcomes.”


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