Posted by: John Edwards | August 13, 2008

Things To Ponder for Word of Faith people


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Here are a few things to ponder and to consider:

Jesus Christ of Nazareth hand picked His Apostles after much prayer.

Jesus taught and trained these men in the Word of God.

They slept together, traveled together, worked together for three years.

That is a pretty good amount of seminary training! To be discipled by God in the flesh.

Jesus hand picked these guys to establish His Church and to get it rolling.

Jesus personally anointed these special men to heal the sick, raise the dead and to do miracles.

The Apostles are so special, that they sit on thrones in Heaven!

They are so special and so unique that their names are written in the foundations of Heaven for eternity.

God chose them to write Scripture. He trusted them that much to be living conduits of His Word.

Have you ever noticed in the book of Acts who was doing all the miracles and all the healings? Was it the ordinary Christians, or the Apostles? If my flawed memory serves me correct, the only people that did healings and miracles in the book of Acts were the Apostles or some one they especially commissioned themselves.

The New Testament says that the signs of an Apostle are MIGHTY SIGNS, WONDERS and DEEDS! Even their shadow could heal the sick!

Have you noticed that as the book of Acts winds down, that so do their miraculous powers? Have you noticed that as the New Testament unfolds in the Epistles that the miracles and signs and wonders slow way down?

Have you ever read some of the great faith promises in the Gospels in context, and realized that he was speaking to His inner circle? Maybe that would explain why we are not having the same results that they did? maybe, just maybe, there was a special Apostolic Age for the purpose of endorsing the validity of the Apostles ministry?

have you ever noticed that as Paul’s ministry neared its end, that he could no longer get people healed? He told Timothy to start drinking wine for medicinal purposes. He left one of his associates sick somewhere. He himself said that the reason he first preached to the Galatians was because of a physical infirmity in his flesh.

I would advise everyone to read John MacArthur’s book “Charismatic Chaos” as soon as you can. You might find the answers in it to a lot of questions. You may even find a tremendous amount of peace and relief in it. I know I did.


  1. It is an apologetics ministry. Clete Hux is an apologist and he shared that with me. Email me and I will give you his number.

  2. You recently said on clarity’s blog that ARC had confronted Hagin about plagarism. Who or what is ARC?

  3. Todd, thanks and please try to resend your earlier comments that I was unable to post. I would love to see the video! Thanks for the encouragement, I dont get much these days lol

  4. John,
    I’ve been reading the links in your bloglist. God is doing an amazing thing through you guys. I’ve given him much praise after reading all those testimonies and yours. Keep up the good fight!

    I’ve got an old video, I’m trying to convert to a CD, of Kenneth Hagan I’ll send your way if youre interested. I gave me alot of insight to WOF years ago.

    Todd M


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