Posted by: John Edwards | August 12, 2008

Tongues Mystery Solved!!!

 Next to not being able to get folks healed, the most frustrating experiences I had as a Charismatic Word of Faith pastor was trying to get people filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues.

I had virtually no luck at it and could not understand why. I felt like I was un -anointed. I have laid my hands on thousands of people for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with no results. And rarely did anyone get slained in the Spirit.

There were one or two individuals that would fall every time.

I had even worse luck trying to get folks filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues in private settings. I would get so mad and discouraged.

One of the worst experiences that I had was with my daughter Jennifer. I could not get it through her head no matter how many scriptures I read to her. It just wouldn’t happen. I felt like giving her a whipping for not being able to!

Over the years I have had many long time church members come to me in private distraught about not being able to talk in tongues. I really had no answers for them.

There are no commandments or clear cut instructions how to do it in the Word. It was tempting to “coach” them into the experience. I have seen a lot of coaching over the years and never did approve of it. My teachers at Bible School would coach it. I always wondered, if this experience is truly God, shouldn’t it be spontaneous? Shouldn’t it come easier?

Then God gave me the answers! I read the book “Charismatic Chaos” by John MacArthur. God used that book to open my eyes to the clear truth of God’s Word about the baptism of the Holy Ghost and talking in tongues. I learned so much from that book that it was like going to seminary. If I had read this book several years ago it would have saved me from a tremendous amount of self condemnation.

I have also just finished a book by Dr. Unger on the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and talking in tongues. He goes deep into the Greek Text and reveals a lot of hidden truth in the Word of God. It was a real eye opener.

There is a tremendous amount of error and counterfeiting in the church today, but it has always been so. There is nothing new. If we as Christians would learn to read the Word of God using proper biblical exegesis and sound hermeneutics, there would be far less deception. But, the fact is, we do not like to study, and we do not want the truth.


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  1. Cullen.
    I was just thinking of all the great things non charismatics have done for God, crusades, instutions, great revivals, great churches. think of all martin luther, John calvin, Charles Spurgeon, moody and others did praying reuguals, billy Sunday, billy Graham, Charles Stanley.

  2. I will admit that there were several times that I would be impressed to sing in tongues and I was very edified. I’ve never given a tongue in a public setting or anything like that, but a FEW times privately i do remember being edified by praying or speaking in other tongues. FEW, I said. I remember reading Oral Roberts’ autobiography when I was a young Christian. He said that every major move or direction for his ministry / University came out of praying in other tongues. It’s interesting to me that Bro. Hagin said similar things. It just dawned on me that by saying something like this, isn’t part of the credit for the success or direction of the ministry on the minister for having prayed in tongues? Almost like if they hadn’t prayed in tongues the direction would not have come. I hope I am being clear….I am not speaking bad about this supernatural gift. Am I looking at this correctly? After all, some things do need to take place in the natural by the minister for the supernatural to occur – I know that God won’t just do everything on His own; we are co-laborers together with Him. I just wonder if these ministers said that type of statement to put some of the focus on how good they could pray or how diligent they were, etc.

    I have not come to any conclusion on this tongues thing yet. I have had some experiences in praying in other tongues and like I said earlier, have had a couple people filled with the Spriit, but if it’s not for everyone, doesn’t that make God a respector of persons?

    I’m gonna stay in the middle on this one for now until I can finish the book Charismatic Chaos and do some of my own homework. No rush, though.

    Keep it up, PJ. Love you man.

  3. RAY…….I am not ignoring you……for some reason I cannot post your comments. maybe you could try another identity? I will keep trying.
    Todd…..Im having trouble posting yours too. Sorry dude, I will keep trying!

  4. Ray, I tried to publish your comment with no luck. I will try it again. Yes, the book we are talking about will make more sense out of the Bible than maybe any book that you have ever read. His commentaries are awesome too. That book, Charismatic Chaos is always sold out. Sometimes Life way has it. I had been scared to read it for years…… is AWESOME!!!!!!

  5. Yep. Reading the Bible–really reading and studying it–is hard work. Most Christians are too lazy to put forth the effort. James White ( is one of the guys I read, and a favorite saying of his is, “Theology Matters.” Amen to that. Most Christians just believe whatever is popular or easy to believe–or whatever someone tells them. That’s why I tell my church members, “Don’t take my word for it. I could be wrong. You go to God’s Word and evaluate according to Scripture everything I or anyone else tells you.”

  6. mirror mirror on the wall
    how many RHEMA grads are now Baptist overall?

  7. coca cola coca cola
    see my tie see my tie see my tie
    yep yep!

  8. I was one of the unchosen. Did I feel left out? Most certainly, as I felt I was missing something that others had and I wanted it. I believe when I finally did utter some gibberish it was influenced by the group around me. One thing that I know is I did not feel any better when I finished speaking that gibberish.

    Wondered about that.How could I feel better, I didn’t know what in the world I had been saying and to whom I had been praying. It could have been anybody, familiar spirit or the devil. I did not know.

    I have quit praying in tongues. I have not quit praying to God. But I now know who I am praying to and what I am asking for. There is no doubt in my mind that I have made a correct decision in this.

    That is just another question that I have saved up to ask God when I get to meet him.

  9. I have not prayed in tongues for a couple of weeks, maybe three? It is a hard habit to break after doing it for 14 years. Honestly, I dont think it ever blessed me or helped me, and many times I got depressed doing it. It was the same repitious phrases over and over. I think it was psycologial self induced learned behavior. It sure didnt help me not to sin!
    I think it was a lazy way to pray, a short cut. Its harder to pray when you are talking to God in your native tongue. I feel safer now. A few of my family members and good friends that have recently stopped praying in tongues tell me they always thought is was gibber anyhow and that they always had serious doubts about it. Remind me to tell you about a demonic experience I had when I first stepped into the charismatic world. I had always been baffled by this experience until recently, now I know how and why it happened!

  10. Dude I totally am / was in the same boat. I laid hands on several people to be filled with the Holy Ghost and ONE person that I laid hands on was filled and spoke in tongues. It was when I was in Kuwait in the USAF. Me and one other guy laid hands on him and then left him alone for about 30 minutes while we just walked around the church tent praying in other tongues. I’ve never heard tongues like that in my life. It was like a RIVER of machine guns going off. HE spoke in tongues for a long time, but we did not coach him. I felt no special anointing or anything. That was the only time. When hands were laid on me to receive the Holy Ghost, I felt nothing. No tongues. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I had to fast for several days to get to a place where I could hear from God and figure out what the heck was going on. Shortly after that, I did eventually begin praying in other tongues. I’ve always wondered why I did not have the same kind of success as other ministers (i.e. the big WOF dogs) did when God is no respector of persons and it doesn’t have anything to do with the minister anyway. It makes me wonder if those stories they tell are a bit embellished juuuuuuust a little bit? I dunno. Who cares. I don’t know what I believe anymore haha! I just want to have a simple relationship with Jesus where I can talk to him and He can speak to me through His Word and the inward witness like He did before I went to Bible school!

  11. I want the truth. I’m still not totally clear in this area. I can do fine without tongues. It makes more sense to know what you are praying to God. Is it the fact that I place too much weight on my “personal experience” that leaves me in slight doubt? By the way. I always scored low on reading comprehension. I’m gonna need to read the book again. This time at a slower pace and not under a timeline.

    One of the flock


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