Posted by: John Edwards | August 11, 2008

Healing Mystery Solved!!!!!

As a pastor and a believer I have been praying for sick people for 14 years. I have anointed them with oil, prayed in the Name of Jesus, cursed the sickness, confessed the Word and seen very little results. I have seen a handful of people instantly healed of such things as back pain and headaches, but I have never seen anyone healed instantly in the healing line or on the hospital bed of a major organic sickness or injury. Mostly the people that I have seen get healed are using doctors and medicine which is what I do too. I have had lasik surgery on my eyes, I have also been on various medications over the years. I have never seen anyone get healed off of prayer in the Name of Jesus from anything such as blindness, mental retardation, disfigurements, broken bones, missing limbs, missing teeth, deafness, paralysis, downs syndrome, cancers, warts, cerebral palsy or mental illness. I have never, ever seen anyone get healed of any of these conditions as a result of prayer. I always wondered why. I have laid awake at night wondering why, and I have had many an argument with God about it. I have seen children and teenagers that were on fire for God die sick, even after much prayer. I have been to countless healing meetings and miracles meetings and I have never seen anyone healed of a major disease or injury. I have been with Oral Roberts and Richard Roberts when they have prayed for people but nothing happened. I have prayed for dozens of people in the remote areas of Africa, but nothing happened. I have been to see just about all major players in the Healing Movement minister, and I have never seen a single miracle or instant healing of an organic sickness. I always wondered why. I prayed and prayed and studied and confessed and cried and no answers.
I finally read a book called “Charismatic Chaos” by John MacArthur. It answered every question that has bothered me for years! It made more sense out of the Word of God than any book that I have read since becoming a Christian. If I had read this book a few years earlier, I could have saved myself a ton of condemnation and doubt.
Because I was not seeing the miracles and healings my faith had began to dry up. Year after year of ministering to the sick will take its toll on a well meaning minister that truly cares about people. Thank God for that book! It opened my eyes to a lot of truth in the Word of God that I had never seen before. It had the answers that I had been seeking. The mystery is over, and I am excited about God again! It is amazing how many people will not read this book. It cleared everything up for me. What a relief! Im not a faith failure after all! 2nd Timothy 4:13


  1. The reason that you did not see any of the healing that they proclaimed is they did not happen. The only healing that took place was their finances. The people that you were admiring were fleecing poor people out of their money.

    These so called healers have had ample opportunity to bring forth the people that have been healed. They can’t substantiate their claims.

    Keep on studying and searching for the truth.


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