Posted by: John Edwards | August 8, 2008

Done And Moving On

I am done with my criticism and expose of the Word of Faith Movement. The purpose of this blog was to share with anyone interested the details of my exodus from this cult that wrecked my faith and the faith of thousands more.
People got mad at me for naming names and pointing out false doctrine, even though the Word of God commands me to do so.
I will soon be removing all of the Word of Faith post from this blog so that I can re-write portions of the articles before sending it out to some publishers to make it into a book that will help lead other out of this funk and back to the God of the Bible. I will continue to blog some new teachings that I am learning and hope that you will keep dropping by.
I have learned many things about myself and others through this experience of blogging my journey. I would like to share some thoughts.
1) I found out who my friends were. I lost a lot of friends. But really I did not. A true friend sticks with you through thick and thin. One of those friends is my WOF buddy Steve Chaudhary in England. We email back and forth everyday. He is my best friend and he loves me even though he thinks that I have fallen away and I think he is deceived. LOL. I love him. I have made several new friends from all over the country, have met theologians and pastors and even a couple of celebrities.
2) I have discovered that most Christians that I know have no interest in finding out the truth. They are so comfortable with their pet doctrines and beliefs that even the Word of God cannot reach them. I am specifically referring to many of my Word of Faith and Charismatic friends. The Word of God is not the final authority with them, their experiences are.
3) People are in fear and bondage. What is worse is that they want it that way. They will not even peek at the mountains of evidence that they are in deception. Many Word of Faith people are afraid of the truth because they have been threatened with the out of context warning of “touch not my anointed”. Little do they know that that warning was about a King. Instead, Charismatics think that if you are on TBN then you are God’s Anointed. It doesn’t matter that they are doctrinally wrong and unbiblical. It doesn’t matter how outrages their statements are, Word of Faith people defend them no matter how deep the heresy.
4) I have realized that many Word of Faith and Charismatic people that I know have no interest in who God actually is. They are more interested in what God can do for them or how God can make them feel. I liken it to how men are with a gorgeous woman. A man will see a woman that he is very attracted to. He is drawn to her hair and figure, to her perfume and make up. All he wants to do is to have sex with her and then he is done. He cares nothing about what is going on in her heart or in her life or what her interest are. All he wanted was to experience her sexually for his benefit. He really did not want to know her intimately. That is how I feel many Charismatics are with God. The study of God and his nature, plans and purposes are of no interest. They only want the flashy stuff, the prosperity and the healing. I never hear Charismatic talk about Jesus. They do talk about the Holy Spirit, or should I say they talk about the manifestations they attribute to him.
5) I have rediscovered my God by returning to my theological roots. I have surrendered to His Sovereignty and to Him as my God. I have given Him total control of my life and future. I am praying 180 degrees different than I have over the last few years and I am so much happier this way. I do not fret and worry over my confession. I have no fear. I am no longer chained with the bondage and legalism. All of the pressure is off. I am a free man. God is God again and not my bell hop. Now I know that He works all things for my good. I have surrendered everything to him. Feels good!
6) My eyes have been opened to the foggy and bizarre world of the Charismatic experience. In Charismatic circles, anything goes. If you do not believe me then just watch the God Channel. As long as they mention Jesus every now and then, anything goes. Anything. What many people do not realize is all the fakery and con jobs being done. Gold teeth, gold glitter, prophecy that never happens, lies, fraud, bogus claims, the list goes on and on. These charlatans have been exposed time after time but that does not matter to the Charismatic. I fear Charismatics are the most gullible people on earth. Many of them remind me of my doper friends, always chasing after a new high or a new drug. Always seeking an experience and never seeking God for who He is.
I am moving in another direction. I am going back to the basics of faith. Some call it Reformed Theology. I just want a simple relationship with God and to share the salvation of Jesus with people. Loving God and loving people. No frills, no thrill seeking. I have absolutely zero desire for anything charismatic. I do not trust anything in that arena. I can trust my Bible and I can trust the way God speaks to me. Praise the Lord. From this point on I am moving on! Amen.


  1. Todd you are absolutely right. What people are blind to is that the WOF is humanism and spins everything to man’s glory and benefit. True Christianity is serving God for His Glory and benefit. Satan has perverted the Gospel into a positive thinking self help user friendly thing. There is little focus on God and His Will and Glory in the wof,

  2. John,
    Wow! Just read your recent blogs concerning W.O.F. I’m glad to hear of your turn in theology. I’ve long been a proponent of solid bible doctrine. As a new believer, almost twenty years ago, I grappeled with many of the modern incorrect teachings in the church but thankfully Christ kept driving me to His word. I’m one of those bashed baptists by the way but only by the grace of God. As I struggled with the truth of God’s word in those early years I became thankful for those baptist roots. Thankful not necessarily because one demonination is better than the other but because they have historically been true to God’s word. They have also consistantly rejected the W.O.F. teachings because they could not square them with scripture, not just a verse or two, but the whole of scripture, a consistant hermenutic.
    I just wanted to encourage you a bit through this trial.Scripture teaches us that nothing happens in our lives that does’nt first filter through God’s hand. This is a great comfort to his people in uncertain times. You, your family and church will be in my prayers.
    I have great concern for Christ’s church and what they believe. We seem to be a people these days who dont have any solid foundation on which to stand doctrinally, leaveing us vulnerable to false teachers.Even in conserative congregations people would rather have thier doctrine and theology processed for them by someone else and then just recieve the footnote version. Many in churches today are not willing to study or do the work for themselves and are content to believe what ever their leaders tell them as long as it sounds good to them. Some with itching ears have gotten for themselves false teachers to tell them what they want to hear. I pray God would make all his people better Berean’s.
    A central theme in scripture is the preservation of God’s glory. As Christ approched his time of passion his concern was for the Fathers glory.His concern was for the Father to be glorified in him, him in the Father, and both in the disciples. His atoning sacrifice was primarily for the glory of the Godhead, we are simply the benefactors. Biblical salvation is not primarily for mankind but for God’s glory instead. We have a tendancy to make salvation about us but a biblical gospel is as far from being self centered as can be. So as we endeavor to make disciples from all the nations, because he is worthy to recieve glory, honor and praise from every nation, let the sum of our lives be given for the glory of God. May our lives be consumed by the one who redeemed us.
    In Christ,
    Todd M

  3. Good deal man…time to start preaching the real truth, the Word of God. Some people aren’t going to listen, no matter how long you talk to them, quit casting your pearls before the swine. Glad to hear you’re looking ahead.

  4. Good deal man…time to start preaching the real truth, the Word of God. Some people aren’t going to listen anyway, no matter how long you talk to them. Quit throwing your pearls before the swine.

  5. John, I think people just have to see it for themselves. You've put the info. out there, now it's up to everyone who reads it to decide. What you've posted causes people to ask questions & to seek out the truth for themselves, from scripture and the Holy Spirit and that's a GOOD thing.
    Onward and Upward!

  6. I just read your blog. Awesome. Odd too, that while getting ready to leave the house this morning, I was thinking that I’m tired of trying to analyze the TRUTH to try to help and convince some of the folks who need it so badly. I’m just tired. I haven’t been fighting it as hard, or as long as you have. But, I’m just tired.

    I want BADLY to start a journal (I’ll finally have some time {maybe} this weekend), of only the new Vocabulary words that I learned in the Car. Chaos Book. There was SO MUCH in there that needs expounded on. I’m done wishing the people who fell away, would come back. I’m done worrying that they’ve got their tiny little feelings hurt for no reason at all. I’m done.
    I’m moving on to learning about the “NEW CAR” sitting in my own driveway (I don’t really have one, that’s just an analogy…perhaps a hyperbole?)
    I want to know God. He knows me. I’ve got a lot of basic learning to do. I feel like if I keep fretting over the deception, the lost friends, the change in how I pray, the people who can’t open their own eyes because they’re just (bottom-line) too greedy and weak…..then I’ll only be following the enemies plan to ONCE AGAIN, take the spotlight off of Jesus. I’m putting the spotlight back on Jesus.

    Well said Brother…AMEN! I think it’s strange that we thought it at the same time. I’ve been thinking on it most of the week. I couldn’t put a finger on the pulse of it. I just had dread when I would consider the bigger picture, and I didn’t know why until late yesterday.
    See you in Truth 101 on Sunday!

  7. I am glad that you are able to move on. You should be doing what you do best and that is being a Pastor and teacher.

    You excel at both. Even when you were teaching the wof you were able to make it seem real. It is a blessing for us that you are now teaching the true word. The complete Bible not just selected passages.

    Preach on Pastor John, you are doing good.

  8. Paraphrasing: “One thing I know, forgetting what is behind and pressing on toward the prize, which is Christ.”

    I am and glad you are Looking Forward!

  9. John, don’t remove these posts or this blog until you get the book published.


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