Posted by: John Edwards | August 6, 2008

Naming Names and Baptist Bashing

I have been accused of naming names and bashing the Word of Faith Movement. I have been accused of not walking in love. A lot of people I know think Jesus walked around like a sissy. A lot of people I know wouldn’t like Jesus if they ever heard him preach. Jesus was full of love and rebuke. He named names. He called a spade a spade. He was very confrontational. He even bull whipped some folks at church one day, with a whip he made! He called Herod a “Fox” which was slang for homosexual. He called his critics snakes. Love in action.
The Apostle Paul, who wrote the “Love” chapter named names. He would call false teachers by their names and have the letter read out loud to the church.
The Apostle of Love, John, named names.
It is a minister’s right and moral obligation to point out false teachers and false doctrine. A pastor is responsible for his flock. If he sees his flock flirting with the wolves then it is his job to point out the wolf. Love will point out danger.
Paul told Timothy to rebuke with all authority.
Christians are scared to speak out these days. Any time some one does speak out against error they are rebuked for not walking in love.
When I was a Word of Faith teacher, I loved to bash the Baptist Church. I learned how to do this from my main teacher in Bible school. He loved to poke fun at the Baptist. Bless their “darling hearts” and “stupid heads.” Many Word of Faith ministers trash the Baptist. But let someone criticise Kenneth Hagin and all of a sudden the love walk is brought up.
Many Word of Faith people feel vastly superior to the Baptist. When I was a WOFer, I looked down on the Baptist as missing out on the promises and power of God. Over the years it finally dawned on me that our lives were no better than theirs. We were confessing things, believing things, claiming things and calling things that be not as though they were and going no where in a hurry. At the same time the Baptist were doing just fine with out the faith message.
Have you ever noticed that Word of Faith people that claim healing still have to use doctors and medicine just like the powerless Baptist? Did you know that Word of Faith people that claim the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the blessing of praying in tongues still make stupid decisions and fall into deception and false doctrine? Have you also noticed that the Word of Faith people that claim so much revelation knowledge about the Word of God have no more power than the Baptist? They are no more wiser, no more holy and no better off in any way. I have also noticed that although so much emphasis is placed on prosperity, the Word of Faith people are no richer!
I remember visiting a tiny Word of Faith church in Mississippi. We were out in the parking lot burning with envy at the gigantic Baptist Mega Church across the street. That Baptist church was always full of people and money and people getting saved, But they did not have near the revelation knowledge that we had. What was wrong?
By the way, the term revelation knowledge is really a charismatic term referring to special knowledge about God unknowable to Baptist because the Baptist refuse the baptism. What it usually is though is some hokey nonsense doctrine put out by someone on TBN anyhow.
I guess my point is that when I was Word of Faith we loved to criticise and bash denominational Christians and felt vastly superior to them. We were big on love until it came to bashing others. Now that I am pointing out error in the Word of Faith, all of a sudden the table is turned and I’m no longer walking in love. Go figure!


  1. Remember if it were not for the Baptist a lot of the WOF followers would be lost and on their way to Hell.

  2. I guess you received the “left foot of fellowship” from among the WOFERS just like I did.

    What a blessing!

    I remember driving through a small town in south Alabama years ago. As I drove past the large Baptist all brick church with a huge parking lot, on the best street in town, and then drove past the little run down WOF type church on the other side of the railroad tracks I asked why. Why is the church that preaches about prosperity and having what you say so poor and run down, and the Baptist that seem to only talk about saving souls, have such a large prosperous church building? Remember the Baptist only preach half the Gospel, but we were “fuuull” Gospel.

    The answer that I got that day was that the Baptist were putting the importance on the same thing that God did. They were seeking His Kingdom first and that allowed God to bless them.

    Sad to stay I didn’t leave the WOFERS then.

    Great Post.

  3. Again, an awesome post. It is amazing how conveniently the Word of Faith ministers all of a sudden use the love walk to prevent the truth from coming out. I grew up Baptist and I never liked the criticisms that were made about them. Thanks, John.


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