Posted by: John Edwards | August 5, 2008


Denial (also called abnegation) is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.
I found this on Wikipedia and it describes just about all of my Word of Faith friends that have been reading my blog.
FACT: The Word of Faith Movement was founded by E.W. Kenyon who was heavily influenced by Mary Baker Eddy and Quimbey who were New Thought and Christian Science. He duplicated their thoughts into his writings.
FACT: Kenneth Hagin plagerized many of E.W. Kenyons writings.
FACT: Like Joseph Smith, Kenneth Hagin claimed visitations and personal teachings from Jesus Christ.
FACT: Both of these teachers taught extensively from their revelations.
FACT: This classifies Mormonism and Word of Faith as a CULT.
FACT: Mormonism and Word of Faith attempt to deify mankind and strip Jesus of His Deity and take God’s Sovereignty away.
FACT: Word of Faith teaches that man can control and create his circumstances and destiny with spoken words as if he were a god.
FACT: Word of Faith teaches that the Blood of Jesus was not enough to atone for our sins.
FACT: Word of Faith teachers are obsessed with money, greed and materialism.
FACT: The Word of Faith Message does not line up with the Message of Christ.
These are some of the facts. The evidence is overwhelming.
My dear Word of Faith buddies are scared to speak against God’s Anointed! They sincerely believe that people like Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland are God’s Generals! They will not read the hundreds of erroneous statements and claims that these men have made.
Many books have been written that are full of documentation, times, dates, quotations, external witnesses, whistle blowers but my Word of Faith buddies are so deceived that they cannot see the truth. Satan has blinded their eyes.
What Kenneth Hagin, Charles Capps, Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn really believe does damage to the core essentials of Orthodox Christianity, but my faith buddies would rather keep their heads buried in the sand of deception than to even consider the Mount Everest of evidence.
Why? Fear and Money. Plain and simple. They are afraid of the truth because it may make an impact on their money. It is all about the money. People are afraid of the truth. It is because they have made a religion out of one passage of scripture that they have twisted to promise them health, wealth and success.
The Word of Faith Message is not the New Testament Gospel of Jesus Christ but a different Gospel. Most all of the Fathers of the Word of Faith Movement claim special visitations from Jesus Christ. HELLO! Am I taking Crazy Pills or am I the only one seeing this? Wake up WOFERS!


  1. Good going! Keep contending, brother!

  2. Basically it boils down to this. Just because someone you trust hands you a drink, doesn’t mean that it is not poison (even IF it really was unintentional).
    It looks like clear cool water, tastes like clear cool water, everyone else is drinking, it seems refreshing, the birds are singing, it’s just like a soft drink commercial, everything is perfect.
    But, will you survive to read the headlines tomorrow? “Family Found Dead At Picnic – Water They Were Drinking Is Suspect”.
    The family couldn’t have seen it coming, the person serving it was assuming it was just like the water he’d gotten from the same place before. Everything seemed so familiar to him. He never would have intentionally served his family waste water. Tragic.

    It’s one of the Enemies oldest tricks. The “Old Bait and Switch” trick. It’s happening in Churches all over the World TODAY.
    It’s also how the WOF camp is interpreting the Bible, and they’re serving it up to whomever will listen. It sounds attractive. It’s empowering. It’s coming from the same place all the other words of God come from (the Bible). It seems refreshing. The birds are singing and everyone else is hollering “AMEN.” But, is everything so perfect? It’s still being fed to you by someone else. Do you know if it’s being taken out of context. Do you know where the verses are coming from? Do you know what they were INTENDED to mean? HOW they were REALLY used? Sadly NO, not if you don’t look for yourself.
    What if you were to read a Children’s book one verse at a time? Imagine what would happen to Snoopy, if we only focused on the Red Baron, and the moment he flew over the house. What if we were to fixate on the color of the dog house, and how his scarf was blowing in the wind, then BOOM…we move on to Linus and Marcy decorating a Christmas tree, then BOOM (again) they’re all coloring Easter eggs. None of this would make much sense. It’s all characters that we’re familiar with, but they just keep appearing, and re-appearing randomly at different points in time.
    It’s simply this: We can not read one paragraph on a page, from each book on the shelf (while trying to link them all together) and have it make ANY sense AT ALL.
    Just in this instance, what happened to Christmas….the Birth of Christ, though suddenly we’ve found ourselves already at the Resurrection. Nobody even asks how the story went coming up to the birth. It’s all been taken OUT OF CONTEXT. So, what you’re seeing (or reading) never happened in that order. It leads you to believe since you’re already familiar with the stories that it’s correct. But, anyone who wants to study it can find out without too much effort, that it just couldn’t be. If the story is crooked, then the text of the story has been twisted. That’s NOT how we should read OR INTERPRET God’s word. The Bible doesn’t come with blank pages at the end, so you can finish it for yourself. Those pages are actually for NOTES! It doesn’t come to you with alternate chapters either, (like a cheap Children’s Mystery book).
    It is DANGEROUS to try to interpret God’s word without knowing the context. Though, there are whole Religions built on this very “art”. Thousands of people are “hook line and sinker” reeling in what they’re being TOLD. Instead of researching it for themselves.
    It’s “Take Out” Religion (just like “take out pizza” only WORSE). You’re bringing it home for everyone to feast on. But, do you know what’s in it? DO you know the man who made it? Was he diseased? Did he drop it on the floor? Or was he clean and careful, with your best interest in mind? No. You of course would know NONE of this. Because, instead of investing your time on it. You relied on someone else. So you could get it over as quickly as possible, get things cleaned up and move on to something else.
    You MUST be responsible for what you “take out” of the Word of God. YOU must be responsible for what you allow yourself to believe.

    Imagine the alphabet in the same light. The alphabet would never be the same. We would live in a corrupt society if the alphabet was organized by a gentleman with a Concordance (who was trying to weave a tapestry more to his own liking, rather than the one already presented). What if each of us got to take a shot at the alphabet, for ourselves. We wouldn’t be able to communicate. Everyone would have a different language. This seems simple, maybe even silly. Though not unlike the Bible, there are MANY things in this life that must not be taken out of context. The corruption is bottomless if we do not obey the simplest of “Rules” while trying to read it.

  3. I think that we must have been taking crazy pills to have believed all of the WOF message for so many years.


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