Posted by: John Edwards | August 1, 2008

F.L.A.W.S. of Word of Faith

The acronym FLAWS reveals some of the blasphemous and dangerous false Teachings of the Word of Faith Movement:
F stands for Faith formulas, faith in faith, faith in words, faith obsession.
L stands for Little God mentality, I can create with my words, erroneous teaching about the authority of the believer, being an exact duplicate of God.
A stands for Atonement Atrocities, that Jesus burned in Hell, died spiritually, that His blood was insufficient and that the Trinity was broken apart.
W stands for their obsession with wealth and want.
S stands for sickness is the result of lack of faith or sins and that all believer’s will walk in Divine health. If Christians would research the Faith Theology of what the Faith Teachers really believe, they would be shocked at the blasphemy that pours from their mouths. Most of these men are uneducated, have not attended reputable seminaries, refuse correction, make outrageous claims of conversations with God and visits from Jesus, trips to Heaven and Hell. This is a dangerous cultic movement that has crept into the church and is wrecking the faith of many.
I took most of this from Hank Hannengraff’s book “Christianity in Crisis” which is chalked full of documentation of blasphemous heresies by the Word of Faith teachers.
Another excellent book is “Charismatic Chaos” by John MacArthur. I highly recommend these incredible books. They will shock you.
Word of Faith followers are good and sincere people that love Jesus but are being caught in a web of erroneous teachings. Pray that God will deliver them from this Cultic Movement that has its roots in the Occult, Eastern Religions, and fabricated visions of False Prophets! Please send this link to every one you know. God is using this blog everyday to set people free unto Jesus.


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