Posted by: John Edwards | July 31, 2008

Throw Your Bible Out!

If you have a Bible you may want to consider getting rid of it. It is no longer the standard of the Church, experiences are. If I hear one more person tell me that “God told me, or that the Holy Spirit told me” I think I will scream. Most of my dearest friends are charismatic and Word of Faith. But many of them elevate their experiences above the plain revealed Word of God. It does not matter what the Bible says. They put their feelings and impressions ahead of scripture. They pride themselves on being “Word People” but they do not believe the Word when it conflicts their experiences and feelings.
God has spoken for the last time until Jesus returns. We cannot add to His Word, it is complete. There is no revelation outside of the Scripture. It is perfect and complete. It contains everything that God wants us to know for today.
Before the Scripture was completed, early believers depended on the word of the Apostles and prophets to receive revelation and direction from God. They had no written finished Word of God as you and I do. You and I have the complete and full revelation of God at our finger tips. We do not need a prophet to speak a word to us. Anything a prophet says is from God is added revelation. It is adding to the Bible. Where is he getting his revelation from then? It is a strong possibility that these revelations are from familiar spirits.
It appears to me that most charismatics that I know do not put the Word of God first. They run all over town going to meetings to get their mail read or to get a “word” from God. They will fly all over the world to hear from God and accept any word or manifestation that they see or hear. Many charismatics believe everything some one says on TV no matter how unbiblical it maybe.
I have read scriptures to friends out of the New Testament only to have them refute the Word of God by saying: “but God told me”. That is dangerous. People like that are so close to being a Mormon that it is scary. People in the occult get “words” and joyful feelings too. I am a Word man. If it is not written out plainly in the Word of God, in context, then I do not and will not accept it. But many charismatics will hook, line and sinker. Anything goes! I believe that the Church is nigh apostasy.


  1. I have never had a prophesy come true. Of course I am not well known so there was generally no way that anyone would know anything about me.

    I did listen carefully to what the visiting evangelist said and they missed a lot. The people that were prayed for during the meetings did not stay healed. My wife asked for a healing and it didn’t happen. She still had a serious illness. She could not leave the house unless I was with her. It did not get better.

    I have been healed of a serious illness, but it was by GOD. Not some prophet or a healing line. At the time of the healing I did not believe in any of this stuff and talking in tongues was the furtherest thing in my mind. I thought the people that did that were kookie.

    Now after studying the scriptures, I have reached the conclusion that my first reaction was true. I did not believe that anyone could look at me and tell what I had been doing or what was going to happen. I believed that it was up to GOD. I still do, what happens is up to GOD. Not what I ask or want.

    Just remember that GOD makes all of the decisions. If a prophet misses one part of his prophesy he or she is not from GOD!!! They are a false prophet. I am not the one that says this, GOD did. GOD’s prophets did not make any mistakes, what they foretold happened.

  2. Im sorry! Someone sent in a comment asking me about the time some one read my mail a few weeks ago. I tried to post the comment and deleted it.
    In the Bible the test of a true prophet is if the word comes to pass. I have had my mail read 4 times by people that could have very possibly have known details of my life. In each situation I was invited to attend meetings by people that knew the prophet, and that knew details of my life and ministry. I also have a web site that gets thousands of hits, that has my pic on it. So it would not be hard to read my mail. I also believe that familiar spirits are very familiar with me! When a so called prophet is opening his soul and spirit up anything can manifest. I have had 2 prophets tell me they can use their gift at any time, even for fun and gain. So it makes me thing they operate by a familiar spirit. Any time you depart from the Word of God to seek a prophet, you are stepping into a a dangerous territory.
    I have heard todays Big Prophets miss it so many times. A real prophet would never ever miss one single detail. You can trust the Word. It is perfect!!!!

  3. A man read my mail at someones house a few weeks ago. He said he didnt know that I was a pastor, but I think that it was pretty obvious because he was expecting us and we arrived late with several people speaking to us. If what he said was God, then I am right in every thing that I am blogging. If it was a familiar spirit then a spirit would know of my changes too. All that man had to do was to google me and he would have know all about my changes, I am all over the internet. So I dont know that it was God. I only went to make someone happy. I get words like that all the time. i could be hiding in the balcony and I will get called out. Its never anything specific. Besides, nothing that brother fore told has happened. So, if God has a word for me then He can speak directly to me.


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