Posted by: John Edwards | July 30, 2008

When I was Baptist

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church and was very happy in it. I stayed backslid a lot but I loved God and had a tremendous amount of faith in Him. When I was a Baptist I truly believed in the Sovereignty Of God and that He was in total control of my life. I believed that I was eternally saved and that I could never, ever loose my salvation and my relationship with Him no matter how bad I blew it. When I was a Baptist I believed that God had a specific plan and that nothing could ever hinder it. I believed that my steps were ordered of Him and that no matter what God was going to have His way. When I was a Baptist I believed that there was a time written in God’s Providence for me to die and that nothing could change that. I believed that my days were numbered according to His will and purpose. When I was Baptist I was very aware of God’s Awesomeness and my inability. When I was Baptist I was afraid of God in a respectful way. When I was a Baptist I wanted to run things past God before I did them. When I was Baptist I was very concerned about lost people going to Hell. When I was a Baptist I never, ever doubted His existence or His love for me. When I was a Baptist I believed that God was in control of all events in my life and that even the bad ones were some how working for my favor. When I was a Baptist I had peace and joy. When I was a Baptist my focus was on Jesus.
Then I started reading Word of Faith books. I read every book that I could find. I listened to hundreds of tapes and Cd’s. I was excited about the Word of Faith message. It put me in control of my life. Having been in the Marine Corps and having been a Police Officer, I was used to being in charge of things. I was used to being the Boss. It was a perfect way of thinking for me. The Word of Faith promised me a sickness free life, a long life, and a rich life. It promised me that I could use my words to frame my world. It taught me that I could speak whatever I wanted into existence. The Word of Faith taught me how to get a vision and write it out. It taught me to speak things out and to shoot for the stars. The Word of Faith promised me power and authority of everything in my life and that I could create and rule my world and circumstances with my words.The Word of Faith left God and His Sovereignty out of the picture. All I had to do was to speak and believe what I wanted, money, health, fame, success, the power was in my tongue. The Word of Faith taught me that I was the one responsible for everything that I had in life, that everything in my life was a result of words, good or bad. I learned that I could have what I said. I learned how to twist and manipulate entire passages of the Bible to line it up with health, wealth and victory. I learned how to debunk the whole book of Job. I learned how to get rich God’s way, by planting money seeds and speaking words of prosperity. I learned to ignore symptoms in my body and to think of the pains as lies of the devil.
I lived and believed like this for fourteen years. I taught this for eight years.
I will tell you what the Word of Faith message did for me. It turned me into a self-centered person more concerned with my plans and needs than anything else. Instead of trusting in God I began to trust in my words and in my faith. I dummy downed God. I thought God had to follow my rules of confession. I thought I could boss God around and talk Him into seeing things my way. I became obsessed with myself. I became full of pride. I also began to sink into depression and darkness. The Word of Faith had taught me that it was all about me and that I was in control and that everything good was riding on my faith and confession. Needless to say, I was putting so much pressure on myself to believe that I was miserable. All of the faith formulas and prayer rules that I had learned in the Word of Faith had me so bound in legalistic chains that I could no longer pray or talk to God. I was miserable. God got smaller and smaller in my thinking because I was the one in charge. I stayed frustrated and aggravated because my confessions were not working and my prayers went unanswered. Even worse was that I was teaching hundreds of people the same message and they were having the same results. They still had sickness and lack and problems.
they to began to spiral down into depression and burn out from trying to be perfect in their confessions and acts of faith.
It is a false message. It is cultic. It destroys the concept of God that He wants us to have.
Praise God for His patience and love for me! God has opened my eyes and rescued me from myself and this false religion! I have returned to my roots. I have abandoned the Word of Faith and returned to the Word of God and my relationship with Him. For me God is in control again. His will be done. I am feeling alive again. I can feels God’s love again. I am trusting fully in Him and His ability and in His plan. He is in control. He is on the throne. He is my God again!


  1. The Word of God states that God has His way in the whirlwind. I never did like that one! But it is there. I do not believe God sends the tragedies of life, but it is self evident that he allows them and some how works all thing s according to his will. Same way with praying the prayer of faith, I do not believe we can pray like that unless God imparts the faith. I believe God answers our prayers when they are in harmony with his will and timing. When I was a wofer, I worried so much about my everything hinging on my faith and confession. Now I dont worry about it. I just pray and cast it into the Masters hands knowing He will work everything out in His good will and pleasure!

  2. I used to read scriptures about Gods soveriegnty that would make me mad. WOF taught me that God could do nothing unless I asked. God can do any thing with or without our permission.
    the WOF teaches the little gods doctrine that we have authority over things that we really do not. As a WOFER I hated sayings like God is in control or God has a plan, but its true, and that takes the pressure off of me. Now I have a Father that takes care of everything. I have retired from being God.

  3. yes the Holy Spirit warns us, comforts us and leads us and we are commanded to pray with out ceasing. there are multitudes of scriptures in the New Testament that teach that God works all things according to his purposes and He uses our prayers to bring about His Providence. You can hear from God from His Word and with your mind and your heart. You dont need a prophet. the test of a prophet is in Deuteronomy God says that a prophets word should come to pass, and a real prophet would never miss it. The best book on the subject is by John MacArthur Chaismatic Chaos. I wish that I had read it years ago. It makes the most sense scriptually of any book that I have ever read.
    too bad I had been scared to read it for years!

  4. God is only in control unless I give it to Him right? Im mean, if He is in control of everything and my life is already planned, Do I still need to pray? Can I ask Him to protect my children? What if He decides it’s time to take them by a car wreck? Can the Holy Spirit warn me about anything bad happening? I’ve always believed that in my relationship with Him, I can have authority over certain situations in my life. That I don’t have to just accept anything the world wants to throw at me. I’m not interested in telling God what to do nor do I have a problem with God having control. Somehow I feel like we can’t just sit down and be lazy either. If I see a storm coming, I need to pray. Not just sit down and say “if its my time to die, so be it.”

  5. I left the Baptist Church to chase experiences, signs and wonders. The Word of God and my relationship with Jesus was not exciting enough for me. And I was deceived by false prophets and false teachers.

  6. If the Baptist church was so great, why did you leave?

  7. Word Blitz, Days of Glory, Word Explosion, Word Wave. All coming soon (or already here) at a WOF church near you. Check the speaker list, it’s probably the same lineup you saw this time a year ago. The WOFers have a formula and they stick to it. The jet set have polished up their catch phrases this year and are putting them to work. You know the ones: “The Glory’s Coming” “I’m in His rest, I’ve passed the test, because I’ve given ($$$) my best” “God’s just about ready to do something” “Ha Ha Ha” They’re flying around to each others meetings all with some form of “if your ready for your hundredfold return, plant your seed”
    To me, WOF is all “event driven” If we can just hold out until the next Word conference, it’s gonna get better. God will surely show up then. It’s all about the EXPERIENCE. WOFers want to live from mountaintop to mountaintop. Problem is that real life, you know what all us regular folks live everyday, also includes the valleys.
    But even though the prophet is not scheduled to show up for another 3 weeks (advance CD’s are on sale now) God is here all the time. Sometimes out front, sometimes in the background, but a very PRESENT help in times of trouble.
    God is here whether the music team hits a home run or not. God is here whether anyone runs the aisles of falls out. God is here even if the offering is a little low tonight.
    My experience with WOF is that they are always chasing the experience. If the service is not a rip roaring snot blowing, entire rows falling out shindig then you feel a little let down. “But someone got saved on the back row, oh I guess it was good.”
    Like an addict always chasing a bigger high, some WOFers chase special meetings around because they’ve been promised something big. But sometimes you miss what’s right beside you, closer than a brother, all the time

  8. Praise God, you realized, before it was to late, what you were teaching was wrong. It can be corrected.

    Praise God that he gave you the strength to say I was wrong and ask for direction. I think that you are now on the right track.

    Praise God for being a loving God who will let a person come back home even after he has screwed up as bad as I have.

    It is good that we served a merciful God.

    Keep on studying and teaching the true word of GOD, the Bible.


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