Posted by: John Edwards | July 24, 2008

Why I Do This

Actually this is a book in progress. Each blog is a chapter. Maybe in a couple of weeks I will be finished with my book. Some people think that I have been offended and hurt. That is true. False teaching and treating people like trash and lying to them offends me and hurts my heart. I am tired of seeing people hurt and lied to. Im tired of the whole WOF/Charismatic scene. It sucks.
I have never seen a Divine healing of a serious disease in my life. I have seen the combination of medicine and prayer work lots of times. But I have never seen a miracle. My definition of a miracle as follows:
1) It cannot be a disease that can go away on its own such as a headache or tummy ache.
2) There can be no doctor or medicine involved.
3) It has to stay gone.
I have never seen a miracle based on these guidelines. Or a healing. I want to.
I write this blog to help people come out fear, bondage and deception. The Word of Faith movement has destroyed many lives and has even cost people their lives. It is full of gross error.
There are so many things that go on in Word of Faith churches and Charismatic circles that are not biblical. As a Christian, I do not have to believe anything outside of the written Word. I have seen many people shipwreck their faith. I have seen so much weirdness and unscriptural stuff that I do not trust any thing charismatic. My wife and I are now reading all the books that we were warned not to read. I have been living in a fog of false teaching and satanic counterfeits. I have seen all manner of lying signs and wonders as well as a whole bunch of flesh and hype. I have seen enough. I don’t want anything but the Bible and the Holy Spirit inside of me. If God cant talk to me out of His Word or inside of my heart then I don’t need to hear it.
The Word of Faith Movement and the Charismatic World is filled to overflowing with unscriptural experiences. People love experiences. That’s why drugs are so popular.
Here is an example:
“Being slain in the Spirit”. It’s not in the Bible. A French hypnotist started that deal by laying hands on people and putting them into a trance. He worked it into the church. There is not one single scripture that says when hands are laid upon me by a preacher that I will be slain in the Spirit. It is not in the Bible. The satanist and wicca people do a lot of the same things charismatics do. They get goosebumps. They feel the warm fuzzies and the excitement. They feel joy too, and it all comes from demons and familiar spirits.
Mass Hysteria. Happens at rock concerts. Happens at churches and football games. I heard an elderly lady telling about what it was like to see and hear Adolph Hitler speak in person at those Nazi rallies. She said it caused the same feelings in her that she felt in pentecostal churches here. That is interesting. People get hyped up and emotional over anything. Charismatics think its the Holy Ghost cause it feels good. Margaritas feel good too.
Do I believe that God heals? Sometimes He does. Do I believe in miracles? I have never seen one. I believe that all things are possible through faith in God. Do I believe in what is going on in Lake Land? No. I have a 14 year old kid in my church with brain damage from a head injury. Anyone want to take him down there to get healed? On second thought, never mind. If he didnt get healed he would be devastated like the thousands of others that dont get healed. Ever seen a double amputee get his legs back? No you have not. Ever seen the grave yard dead rise? No you have not. Ever seen a toothless man get new teeth? No you have not.
I believe that the Apostles were endued with a greater measure of the Holy Spirit than us because Jesus used them to lay the foundation of His church. All of the faith promises in the Gospels were share with them in private for their ministry. The book of Acts is filled with miracles, signs, and wonders. The same Paul that could heal everyone on that island and also raise the dead could no longer do these things as his ministry came an end. The Apostolic Anointing was just that. It is no longer needed now that we have the Full Revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. I now have the complete Word of God. The believers in the early church had no written New Testament so they had to rely on the gifts of the Spirit for information and revelation. After God finished His Guide Book nothing else was needed. Every thing beyond the New Testament is EXTRA REVELATION. It adds to the Bible.
It may feel good but so do familiar spirits.
Familiar spirits are familiar with you. They know all about your business. Anyone that opens his spirit and mind up to the supernatural can hear from them. They know when your big toe hurts because they are causing it to hurt.
Have you ever heard a message in tongues that amounted to a hill of beans? I haven’t. Its always something petty and insignificant. I see no use in it. I have two ears and a Bible.
I have been in this Word of Faith charismatic thing for fourteen years. Through it I have met the strangest people in my life. HOKEY.
Judging by the emails that I get this blog is really helping a lot of people. I know that it has helped me. I am free. I love God again!
If what I write bothers you, then do not read it. Never fear the truth. The Truth will set you free!


  1. I am not offended at your question and am happy to answer. It drug me into deep depression and frustration. I paced the floors of my church for hours and for year confessing things over people and myself that never came to pass. I was very agrivated. I got mad at God. I hated the ministry. I was in bondgae to my words. It sucked!!!!!

  2. That was such an excellent post. I’ve never been too deep into a charismaniac church, thankfully, but have friends that are following Bam-Bam Bentley big-time. This is so refreshing to hear this kind of honesty from someone who used to preach this stuff.

    Just out of curiousity….what used to go through your head when you were preaching this positive confession stuff and yet you never saw real miracles or the fruit of these ‘confessions’? Was it just a matter of not allowing yourself to see the truth because then you weren’t ‘having faith?’

    Please don’t be offended by my questions. This is just something I’ve often wondered. Some of my best friends in the charismatic movement are folks that have been in it forever but yet have family members with serious, chronic diseases. I always wonder how they are able to keep believing that stuff in light of their loved ones’ continuing illness.

  3. I commend your inquiring mind on these issues. But if we break it all down to experience versus experience we could start calling the new birth an emotionalistic falsehood; altar calls a manipulation. Satanists take communion, too. I used to play in rock bands and could have used some mass hysteria working for me. But I get that this is a work in progress. People try to make something supernatural happen in a church service and it gets weird.

  4. I am looking forward to promoting this book in order to get the truth out there. This is causing me to be very honest with myself concerning the things I have experienced, the things I have been taught, the things it has cost me, and more than that, the damage I may have done as far as how others view God. Thank you for what you are doing.


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