Posted by: John Edwards | July 15, 2008

Very Disturbing

Go to and scroll down to the video of David Wilkerson and watch it. Like it or not, not everything that seems to be God is God. There are many fake revivals out there. There are many con artist preachers out there. They are experts in producing mass hysteria and counterfeit signs and wonders. They are taking advantage of innocent people that are needy and hungry for God.
If you would like to watch some excellent video clips exposing some of this then go to and enter “The Faith Healers” and the name James Randi. Go to You Tube and watch his exposes. They are very sad and shocking.
WARNING: James Randi is an atheist, but even in his unbelief he has a true sorrow for Christians being hurt. I challenge you to watch these videos and to be wise and discerning. The church is being played as a fool by Satan. Don’t be a sucker for Satan. Seek the REAL. Seek after Jesus and not after signs and wonders.


  1. Wow. I know this is an older video, though it’s message is timeless. All of this selfishness must make God sad. Personally speaking, it’s beyond great to have our eyes opened, and to be set free from the Charismatic message. It’s WONDERFUL to know that we are not in control of our own lives. This is the “GOD Show”…not the “You get to pick your life show”. But, it’s all at the same time very frustrating to still have people we love trapped inside the “WOF Bubble”. It’s sad to know that they are afraid to use their Faith for GOD, instead of their own selfish wishes. It’s quite a trap the enemy has them in, and they can’t see outside the door. The ones left inside, don’t have any idea that they are not in “fellowship” with God. In my opinion, they are trying to be God’s themselves. They are figuratively and literally “worshipping their dreams, and their wishes”, and not God. They have been tricked, they have been handed a scorpion and they don’t even know it. Keep on praying for the ones left behind. They NEED our prayers, and they’re not even aware of it.

  2. Maybe these are just mere distractions to get our focus on things other than Jesus and what we are here for. Yes, I want the real thing.

  3. I have never experienced holy laughter myself but I have seen others do it. Im leaning on the opinion that it is the power of suggestion, even in church. I have seen preachers stir it up on purpose. Looking back I question a lot of things. I know I have experienced the presence of the Lord and the joy of God, but I never experienced it in the way some people did, or maybe acted like they did. I do believe that about 99% of being slain in the Spirit is false. Its mostly learned behavior, or courtesy falls. It is so not scriptual. So much that we see in these meetings is not in the Bible. I want what is real, dont you?

  4. What about Holy Laughter? I experienced that once, but now I’m wondering if it was just the power of suggestion. I do remember feeling a presence, but was it God or another spirit? The first time I ever saw someone have holy laughter I thought it didn’t make sense.


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