Posted by: John Edwards | July 15, 2008

Three Ring Circus

Have you ever heard of the Azuza Street Revival? It happened in Los Angeles in the early 1900’s. I visited the site last summer and dug some dirt up from the ground and poured it into the foundation here at church. Actually, the present site of Azuza Street is now some sort of Japanese art center. Anyway, the man of God that was leading that revival said that anytime there is an outpouring that there are three entities at work: 1) God 2) Satan 3) Man. I agree!
During the 90’s I went to so called Holy Ghost meetings all over the country. I was chasing the Anointing. I wanted to be where God was pouring out His Spirit. I wanted to see miracles, signs and wonders. Sometimes in these meeting I wouldn’t feel a thing. I would watch people doing the holy laughter thing and get mad because I couldn’t feel it. I would watch people run speed laps around the church and crawl around like dogs. I saw people slinging snot and falling out and doing the Holy Ghost dance, but I felt nothing.
I would leave Holy Ghost meetings mad at God for not touching me as it appeared that he was touching others. I had the impression that God didn’t love me as much.
Now that I have come out of the fog, I can look back and discern somethings more clearly. There is a popular video out there on the web that was filmed in Tulsa. Watch it. It is full of a lot of man made hype and mass hysteria. Look up mass hysteria on the web and do some research. Watch the video. Look for what is REAL. You wont find much. There is a book out there by James Randi called ‘The Faith Healers”. Read it. I have it sitting on my desk now. He is an atheist and a magician that debunks myths and mysteries. He did an investigation into some revivals and faith preachers over the years. It opened my eyes. It comforted me too.
I know that a lot of sincere people love God and are seeking His power and presence. But be aware that there are three entities at work. It’s what I call the Three Ring Circus. The characters are well meaning people seeking God, that are being blessed by God, but there are lying and accommodating devils doing counterfeit signs and wonders, and there are plenty of con artist that stage miracles and fleece the flock.
If you really want to experience the presence of God, then go downtown and feed the homeless. Get into your prayer closet and cry out to your Father. Sing out praises to God while doing the dishes. God will show up, and it will be the real deal. Don’t fall for everything you see and hear on TV. Believe me, when some one is genuinely raised from the dead, the whole world will know it! There is a lot of money being made and a lot of people being hurt. Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.


  1. Mindblogging…….I have been two so many Holy Ghost Meetings that I cannot count them. I would always leave depressed and discouraged because I was not slain in the Spirit, over come by laughter and twitching like a fish out of the water. Truth be know, I sincerely believe that 80% of these manifestations were eith human emotion or demonic. I know some of it was real, but not much. My best friend at Bible School went into a deep anger and depression because he could not get the goosebumps that every one else seemed to get. Little did he know that his integrity was shining. He wanted the REAL and the TRUE, and you will not always find that in so called revivals.

  2. If You go to youtube and type in faith preachers you will find it, or you can come by my office and watch it. People get mad at me when I mention names. I know Jesus and Paul mentioned names, but In just a small time red neck. Email me at and I will give you the name of the video.

  3. Where is the video???

  4. Where is the video???

  5. I remember going to one of those meetings and everyone that got prayed for fell out (slain in the spririt) but me. I wondered what was wrong with me.


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