Posted by: John Edwards | July 14, 2008

The Secret

About a year ago I had the opportunity to watch a DVD called “The Secret”. I was attending a school and one of the instructors brought it as a motivational tool. I was blown away by what I heard. It was every thing that I was taught in the WOF movement. The DVD was produced by a woman named Rhonda Byrnes. She is a Metaphysical New Age proponent. Instead of “seedtime and harvest” like we call it in the faith camps, the New Agers call it “The Law of Attraction”. They believe that with positive thoughts and words you can create circumstances in your life. They even say “ask, believe, and receive” but they never attribute that to Jesus. Any WOF preacher could add a few scriptures to this script and the DVD would sell off the shelves at the Christian book store. That was the final piece of the puzzle for me.
John and I began studying about the origins of the WOF movement. I found out that the WOF movement is very new in the christian church. It hasn’t even been around as long as our country has. I found out that one of the founders of the modern faith movement was educated at a college that promoted the new “metaphysical” thought, EW Kenyon. Brother Kenneth E. Hagin learned a lot of what he taught from EW Kenyon and quoted him frequently. The basis for the New Age thought and what is taught in the video “The Secret” is that all mankind is God. They must come to a realization of this fact and thereby learn to access the “secret of the universe” and control their own lives. It is a very appealing message. Positive, motivational, etc. The WOF has the same message. We are taught that we can create our world with our words. We control our circumstances and we are the ones in charge of our destiny. The circumstances of our lives are the results of the law of “seed time and harvest”. The New Age believe the same thing it is just called “The Law of Attraction”. I began to see the similarities and put things together. It is so very subtil. Remember in the Garden of Eden when Satan was the serpent who “was more subtil than any beast…”. He told Eve,”For God knows that in the day you eat, your eyes will be opened and YOU SHALL BE AS GODS…”. Isn’t that what Lucifer said about himself when he ascended into the heavens? He said that he would be like the Most High God. I have heard Creflo say that seed produces after its own kind therefore when God produced man in the garden he was producing god. I have heard Ken Copeland say that Adam was god in the flesh just as Jesus was God in the flesh. I have heard Miles Monroe tell Benny Hinn the very same thing. The enemy is tricky and subtil. He hasn’t got new tricks, just old recycled ones. The Bible tells us that in the last days false prophets would arise and come into the church to deceive us. To me the WOF sounds like The New Age movement that sounds like the lie told in the Garden of Eden that sounds like the statement made by Lucifer. Be watchful at all times! The Secret is really no secret at all.


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