Posted by: John Edwards | July 11, 2008

Fork Fetish

I love a great steak. My wife Coni grills the best that I have ever had. A good steak needs no knife and no steak sauce. I have been to several steakhouses but Coni’s is definitely the best.
What if I brought you over for one of Coni’s steaks. Maybe a nice big juicy rib eye. What if Coni set it down on your plate and it was sizzling hot and smelling so great and you hadn’t eaten in hours. What would you do? If you are like me you will pick up the fork and begin to eat it. But what if instead of eating the steak, I began to fixate on the fork. What if I just stared at my fork for hours while the steak just sat there getting cold? What if I left the steak sitting there and went all over the place bragging about how great that fork was. Man that fork is so awesome! What if I began obsessing over that fork. What if everyone began calling me the Fork Man!
That’s is exactly what has happened to the Word of Faith message. Faith is the Fork. We use the fork to eat the steak. The steak is the object. Jesus is the object of our faith, but the WOF has made the Fork the object instead of the steak. My fork is a tool for eating. My faith is simply my trust in God. Faith is believing God. The WOFERS have formed a religion that worships faith instead of worshipping God by faith. The WOF is no different than me and a bunch of steak eaters forgetting about that big, juicy steak and going on a Fork Fetish!
Our relationship with God and our love for people has got to be the object and focus of our lives. One of the many dangers of the Word of Faith message is that it will eventually turn your eyes from Jesus and onto yourself and onto things. The Word of Faith message has distorted the very notion of faith. It has made faith the object. It has made a God out of faith. Just like Santa Claus stole Christmas from Jesus, the Word of Faith diverts believers into worshipping themselves. It is a subtle way of thinking. It replaces the steak with the fork.
For fourteen years I studied the subject of faith because I wanted faith so much. Not faith in Jesus, but faith to obtain stuff. Faith to control. In my lust for faith I left the purpose of faith. This has happened to many good well meaning people. They get lost in the “Fog of Faith” and end up chasing money and power.
If you will watch the prominent Word of Faith teachers on television you will not hear much about dying to your self and selling out to God. You wont hear many sermons about carrying your cross and winning the lost. You wont hear much about sin or how to treat people. The major bulk of teaching will focus on how to develop and engineer your faith so that you can enjoy increase. Read the entire New Testament from Matthew to Revelations and you will not hear the same Gospel that the Word of Faith proclaims!


  1. LOL you sure are witty. Going to the beach this weekend?



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