Posted by: John Edwards | July 9, 2008

Faith Challenge

Have you ever heard of a double-dawg dare? Well here goes one to all the WOFERS out there that sincerely believe that Mark 11:23 is to be taken literally. For all of you WOFERS that truly believe that life and death are in the power of the tongue in a legalistic way. For all of you WOFERS that are Big Time Faith people, and for all you people that sincerely believe that 28 people have been raised from the dead in the Lakeland deal, then this challenge is for you!
My daughter has been dead and buried at Jefferson Memorial Cemetery in Trussville, Alabama.
Since you believe that the words that you speak will come to pass, and that you can really move a mountain, then I invite you to raise my daughter Jennifer from the dead. She has been dead for eight years. I’m sure that if you raise her up then it will prove that Jesus meant Mark 11:23 to be taken literally. It would prove that life and death are in the power of the tongue.
I give you full authority and permission. Come on down! Come on down and move the mountain, speak to the mulberry tree and prove to the denominational people that the Word of Faith is true!
Now I know that I will be pelted with WOFERS with 100 reasons why they cant do it, which will just prove to me that they don’t really believe the faith message themselves.
I double triple dawg dare ya!


  1. Amen…..and have a safe trip to Ohio!

  2. I think this brings it to the brink. If it works, let me know. I have a pet, I’d like for them to work on too.
    All kidding aside though, if the WOFERS believe in the same Heaven as I do….why would they want any one they Love to come back? It would be confusing to be gone for so long, and then have to come back. As if having to deal with the media, and the hateful naysayers wouldn’t be enough…you’d have to look for a job, buy more clothes…explain yourself to the IRS, find a Doctor that wouldn’t freak out, possibly tell Oprah “No, you’re not interested in being on her show”. The list would go on and on. And then the memory of the streets of gold, would be so close, you’d not want to be here long.
    If the WOFERS read from the same Bible I do, Heaven is a Victory in and of itself. It’s only selfishness, that wants to keep a loved one here. Some things we’re supposed to do on our own. Heaven is one of them.

  3. Now that is what I call throwing down the gantlet and daring anyone to pick it up. Way to go. Even the most hardened WOFers must know that they can’t accept this challenge. You will find that they will attack the messenger.

    Remember when you were a policeman, when the attorney did not have a chance of proving his case he would attack the police, the investigation and if that did not work they would then attack the police personally. Any thing to get the jury to disregard the evidence. I think that is what will happen to you. You are going to be attacked, cursed and lied about, trying to confuse the issue.

    Keep on telling the truth. Thank you for having the courage to continue.


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