Posted by: John Edwards | July 8, 2008

Why God?

That is a question that I have asked God over and over lately. Why God did you let me get sucked into the Word of Faith? Why did you allow me to spend all that money going to the University of Faith and Prosperity? Why, why, why? My heart was right. I was seeking Truth. How in the world did I get caught up into so much false doctrine? What in the world happened? I feel like a fool. Why didn’t someone warn me?
Then it came to me! At least the thought did. God allowed me to move to Tulsa and become a Word of Faith preacher so that once God opened my eyes to all of the error, greed and spiritual bullying, that I could help lead other people out! Yeah that’s a good reason! I can now warn others of the dangers and deceptions of the Word of Faith Movement from an insiders point of view. Sounds great God! Yahoo! Praise the Lord, everything happens for a reason right?
Nope. That’s not why I went to Faith School in Tulsa. One must be brutally honest with ones self to know the truth sometimes. Motive. What was my motive for going out there?
Then I remembered what the real reason was that I sold just about everything that I had to go:
I wanted “FAITH”.
I didn’t want Jesus, I didn’t want to get closer to God, and I certainly had no desire to preach. I just wanted faith. I figured that if I sat under the Greatest Faith Teacher on the planet for two years then I would get the same kind of faith that he had. Faith to move mountains. Faith to heal the sick. Faith to be rich!
The reason that I wanted faith was to be in control! I wanted to control my life and my destiny. I wanted to “Have a Say”.
That is the lure and deception of the Word of Faith. It was subtle. It was attractive. A religion that was all about me being in control. I could be the prophet of my own life. I could have whatever I could believe and speak. I could call myself rich. I could call myself famous. I could call my body well. I could call myself driving nice cars. I could call for a nicer house.
I figured that if I could get that kind of faith, then I could avoid and overcome any assaults from the devil. I would never get sick. My kids would never get sick. I would have no lack. I would get out of debt.
All of these things lure people into the Word of Faith. It is so New Age. It is the Gospel of Me. It’s all about my world and what God can do or get for me.
Well, I graduated from the University of Faith and Prosperity with all A’s and one B. I made a B because I had read ahead of the reading schedule and it cost me a letter grade. I sat under the Greatest Teacher of Faith in the Whole Wide World. I even worked for the Greatest Faith Healer of all time. I was in the atmosphere of Faith and Miracles in Christian Disneyland, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
But guess what? I came away with less faith than when I started. And then it went down hill from there. Less faith each year. Praying got harder and harder. I finally got to the point at the beginning of this year that I quit believing anything. I was sick of my relationship with God. None of my prayers were answered it seemed. I was in a hole. I was in a fog. I was miserable. I was totally burned out on the faith message because I was seeing no results in my life nor in the lives of my people in church.
Then God opened my eyes! In just a few weeks time God delivered me from the endless works and bondage of the Word of Faith! I am now free! I’m not chained up anymore! I love God again! God is answering my prayers! I have peace for the first time in my ministry. I am loving my life again!
Why? Because now I am trusting in my Father in Heaven instead of my faith. Now I am trusting in Jesus and what He has already done for me at Calvary instead of trusting in my ability to believe. Man it is great.
In the blogs ahead I will tell you how God opened my eyes to the fear and bondage that I was in. Coni has her story too!
If you have any friends or loved ones that are in a Word of Faith church then please share this blog with them! Our walk with God is supposed to be awesome and free! Spread the word! Get free! 1st Corinthians 4:20


  1. so.bound.up describes it perfectly.
    I realized that the whole WOF doctrine is bound up in legalism and works of the flesh. They claim to be like no “denomination”, but they are. They just replaced the traditional requirements with “works” of their own. The constant pretending, perfect confession, perfect appearance, working to ‘serve’ and build the ministry…it makes me tired just remembering it.
    Thank God for FREEDOM in Him!

  2. Now that’s a good word. Maybe your best post yet, John.


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