Posted by: John Edwards | July 8, 2008

One Eye Opened By Cullen

Ok I know that I have been hard on the Word of Faith but it is working. Some folks are having trouble using the comment feature on this blog so I get tons of great wonderful emails from people that God is setting free!
First of all, WOF is not a church or an individual or an organization. It is a way of believing. It has no headquarters or spokesman. It was created when a baptist preacher took the popular New Age teachings of his time and blended them with passages in the Bible that appeared similar. Others took his writings and began teaching them all over the world and now we have the Word of Faith which is nothing more than Charismatic Humanism. It is a religion where man is the central focus.
So, how did I find out that I had been duped? What brought me out of the Faith Fog? Who did God send to deliver me? Well the first person God sent was a dude in Tulsa named Cullen. He is a graduate from the same Bible school that I attended. Cullen does all of my web work at and he is also one of my best friends. One day he sent me a CD sermon he preached on pride. I hated it. It sucked. It made me mad to listen to it.
So, my pastor’s father died and the funeral was several states away so I drove up there in my gas guzzling Toyota Tundra listening to that CD over and over getting madder and madder. Then a lady at church was hospitalized in Michigan so I drove up there listening to this same CD over and over and over.
Cullen was preaching about humility and dying to yourself. As I sat there fuming over his sermon the Lord opened one of my eyes to about how much everything in my life was revolving around me and “MY VISION”. You see, in the Word of Faith, you are taught to develop a vision from God, and to call things that be not as though they were. You are taught to write the vision, to speak the vision, to confess the vision. Everything starts to revolve around YOUR VISION. The WOF is obsessed with Mark 11:23. There are over 31,000 scriptures in the Bible, but that is their favorite one and it had consumed my teaching.
My walk with God became all about MY VISION. My prayers began to revolve around my vision. I looked at others to see how they would fit into my vision.
The Word of Faith is also obsessed with material wealth. They love money. They sing about money. They run the money in and dance the money in and pull the lever. It’s about the money. That is why the mainstream church has labeled it the “Prosperity Gospel”.
As I listened to Cullen preach on pride and being self-centered it dawned on me that I was obsessed with myself and my world. The simple Gospel had became a Gospel of greed and selfish ambition.
The Lord then began to minister to me about being content and humble. The more I studied about being content and humble, the less I could see the prosperity message. The light started shining in. I began to see that the Gospel was all about dying to myself and loving people instead of having a vision of increase.
That got one eye opened. The next thing opened the other eye and I will write about that later.
I did learn some great things in the WOF. I fully intend to share them too. 1st Cor 4:20


  1. You are welcome. Please pray for the millions of innocent believer’s that are being sucked in to this New Age brand of church.

  2. When I first started feeling something was not right with the WOF movement, I thought it was me and that I was wrong in pulling back. Thank you for sharing your freedom, to give others freedom.

  3. Hi John,
    Bring on the emails.

  4. G……Im noy computer saavy like V. I could forward some letters to V if she wants to post them, I just dont know how myself.

    D…..I will ask Cullen to load up his sermon on my website, OK?

  5. Great post. Is there any way we can hear Cullen’s message too?

  6. John,

    Keep posting, it is very good. I would really enjoy reading some of those e-mails, maybe some could show up as anonymous comments.

    Remember, it is not about who I am, but it is all about who HE is.

  7. Just a thought that has entered my mind, why is everything hooked up to MY? My vision, my prosperity, my healing. Why is GOD left out of this equation?

    Another question that keeps coming up, is this what Jesus was teaching? I may be wrong and please correct me if I am, but didn’t Jesus preach on helping the less fortunate, serving others. Didn’t he say that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle that a rich man getting into heaven.

    Now I know that I get easily confused and do get things mixed up sometimes, but that does not seem like a prosperity gospel to me. Again I can be wrong and very possibly am. But these are questions that I a wondering about.

    Please Pastor John, keep on with your teachings so maybe I can find some answers to so many questions that I have.


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