Posted by: John Edwards | July 6, 2008

Don’t Feel Bad

If you are like me and have ever had a major faith failure, don’t let the Word of Faith teachers make you feel bad. They have as many “faith failures” as we have, they just don’t mention them much because it hurts tape sales.
Many Word of Faith preachers have built their entire ministry on what Jesus said in Mark 11:24: “What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them”. Jesus did say this. Many WOFERS use this scripture as the key to receiving anything you need from God. That especially pertains to healing and finances according to their teachings.
But they don’t believe their own teachings themselves, so don’t feel bad if your faith isn’t as big as theirs.
My wife Coni was a registered nurse and floated around various hospitals in Tulsa, Oklahoma while we were in Faith School there. Did you know that the Giants of Faith were there getting medical treatment? They get cancer too! Even though they believe so hard in confession brings possession, it don’t stop them from being sick and attacked by the devil. They talk a big game in the pulpit and on TV but they will be the first in line to see a doctor.
I had a question that puzzled the heck out of me in Faith School. I always wondered why I would ever go to a doctor if I truly believed that I was healed? I mean come on and lets get real! If I truly pray the prayer of faith, then that is it. I am to believe from that moment on that I have received what I have asked for. Then, according to the WOF teachers, I am supposed to talk and act healed. Well, if that is true then why go to the doctor? Going to the doctor would be going against my prayer wouldn’t it? Why should I go see a doctor or have surgery if I believe that I am healed?
My point is that the Word of Faith teachers have made a legalistic religion out of this scripture that has hurt many people. It is a burden that they cannot carry themselves. They stick their chest out on TV and brag on their great faith and what it has accomplished and then the poor smucks like you and me walk around in condemnation because we have had failures of faith. Just remember, they fall too. Faith preachers have all the same storms and trials that you do. They fall down just like the rest of us.
Most all of the famous faith preachers died sick. EW Kenyon died of a massive tumor. Brother Hagin died of a massive heart attack. I could name many others.
If you get sick, ask God to heal you. Ask the pastor to pray for you. Go to the doctor! Get your medicine and take it! Don’t be a faith idiot! Most of us do not have he kind of faith that can cure cancer without a doctor. Don’t kid yourself. many have died trying to believe God when they just didn’t have the faith.
Never ever put your faith in faith, always put your faith in God and never let a faith teacher put you under condemnation and legalism.


  1. You need to write more. You are very talented in expressing yopur thoughts!

  2. If “name it and claim it” worked…we would ALL be RICH and DEAD (and not always in that order).
    I’ve heard plenty of people call all of their bills paid, and their Bank accounts over flowing in abundance, and a moment later they may say something like…”My head is splitting open, it hurts so bad.” Or, “I died laughing.” or “It tickled me to death.”
    There you go….RICH for a moment, and DEAD forever. (If their theory actually worked that is, Bless God it doesn’t).
    I think the biggest point about the WOFERS that I’ve been stuck on, is that they have so much Faith in their own Faith (and their own WORDS), that they loose sight of the fact that it is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who hands out Blessings.
    We are no more in control of blessing ourselves, than we are in control of who we were born as.
    The ONLY “control” we have in our individual Faith journey is to CHOOSE Jesus as our Savior. The rest is ALL Blessings. Big, or small. Noticed or unnoticed. We weren’t blessed by GOD with any of it just because we made our prayers sound like wet whiney, demanding babies. GOD didn’t finally “give in” to us because He’d heard enough (like some of our parents). HIS blessings for us, come when He’s ready for us to have them. Not a moment before. No matter how long we “hold our breath and stomp our feet” like ruined children.
    Isn’t it GOOD news, that GOD is in control! No matter how stupid the things we say are sometimes. What a great freedom we enjoy.
    I do agree our words are powerful, they can “make or break” someones heart (even our own). Our words can make mountains out of moles hills (that’s not in the Bible {lol}). Our words can dash a child hopes unneccesarily. Our words can give false hope, where perhaps there is none. And the biggest thing that has affected me lately is that our words can isolate, damage, confuse, and push a friend away who is in need. So, if you’re going to get up in the morning and go to work for the “Word Police” you may as well start out by just telling everyone right up front that you feel like you’re better than they are, so everyone will know your words are coming from a heart that’s set on yourself, instead of on Christ. Then maybe no one will take you seriously anough to be isolated by your arrogance.


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