Posted by: John Edwards | July 3, 2008

The Same Boat

WOW I sure have received my share of hate mail from people lately. I must be stepping on some toes, so let me step just a little harder.
WOFERS are spiritual elitist. They feel like they know more about God than anyone else but they are no better off. WOFERS die of cancer and heart disease just like the ignorant unbelieving denominational folks do. Even Brother Hagin battled heart disease and finally died of a massive heart attack. His WOF theology did him no better than a Baptist guy that believes sickness is the will of God. I have been told this week by many WOFERS that I am being judgemental and critical. But I heard Brother Hagin crack on the Baptist for years and we all thought it was funny.
The WOFERS love to preach about prosperity and healing more than anything else. Money and health are the icons of the Word of Faith. Sad thing though, many WOFERS are sick and broke. They zero in on the Faith Message but cant get it to work. They are no better off than the Baptist that they disdain so bad. I know one WOF pastor that has to take valium to fly, but he sure can preach Psalms 91. Faith preachers have the same problems as regular christians do.
I had lunch today with a Baptist preacher. He is every thing the WOFERS want to be. He pastors a large church in an affluent area. He is an avid jogger in excellent health. He lives in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town. He is very educated with several degrees. He is a commercial pilot. He loves Jesus. His children are on fire for God. These are the things that WOFERS confess for themselves daily. This pastor didn’t get his blessings by making faith-filled affirmations. He didn’t call those things which be not as though they were. He simply serves Jesus and strives to be in the will of God.
There are no Scriptures in the Bible that tell us to chant blessings over ourselves. If I had a dollar for every time I called myself rich, I would be pretty well off by now. What a ridiculous concept!
Word of Faith people are no better off than any other believer. They just believe that they are.
They are just as sick, just as needy, just as scared and just as human as the denominational people that they look down on. I know, because for years I looked down on denominational people.
The Word of Faith message creates an enormous sense of spiritual pride and elitism. I should print some of the love filled email that I receive. All I know is this: God helped me to pull my head out from up my rear end and showed me that all my faith was in everything BUT God.
I’m am glad that people are being set free from the Word of Faith. It is an endless sea of works and fear. It is great just to trust Jesus for everything and not be tripping over my stupid confession.


  1. This one needs a standing ovation! I actually don’t know any faith preachers who are in as good of shape as this pastor you speak of.

  2. AMEN!

  3. My man. you are not just treading on toes. You are stomping on them with hob nailed boots.

    Keep on teaching the truth, stay strong.


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