Posted by: John Edwards | July 2, 2008

Out Of Context

Many of the scriptures that WOF ministers use are taken out of context. They are twisted out of their setting to prove a “faith” point. I will give you a couple of examples:
“Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” Romans 10:17 The context of this scripture is hearing the salvation message to receive Jesus as Lord.
“We believe therefore we have spoken” 2 Corinthians 5:13 is talking about sharing the Gospel even in hard times.
“By his stripes you were healed” 1 Peter 2:20 is talking about our spiritual healing.
If you will do some research, you will find out that many of the prominent WOF teachers are unschooled and have not received sound training. Most WOF ministers got their training by listening to tapes and Cd’s of erroneous teachings by older WOF ministers.
How I wished I had attended a reputable seminary where I could have been trained to rightly divide the Word of God. I am having to unlearn quite a bit of erroneous teaching. I have spent the last few months reading and studying after some great men of God who are mocked by the WOF Movement.
When you hear a WOF teacher quote a verse to fit his fancy, make sure you read the surrounding verses. Sometimes you need to read the whole letter to know the context.
The WOF ministers are the Kings of Twisting scripture to fit their faith and greed doctrines.
They love to pick and choose which Scriptures to camp on. I spent fourteen years ignoring many wonderful New Testament truths. I spent many years ignoring the writings of great men of God that had revelation of God because I was told by the WOF that these men were full of doubt and unbelief.
I would encourage any Christian to broaden their studies. Read all that you can. Do research.
The WOF has painted God into a hole. They have limited God to only operating in their world of faith rules and formulas. Expand your mind. Read Spurgeon and Moody. They had a lot of revelation of God.
If all you watch and listen to are the WOF ministers on TV, you will miss out on a lot. Most of them have never been to seminary. Study the Whole Counsel of the Word of God, not just happy snippets. All of the Word is good.
The Word of Faith is a dangerous, erroneous and deceptive message. Satan is using it to deceive thousands of well meaning people that love God. It is New Age with the Name of Jesus. It puts you in control of your life by telling you that you are a god and that you speak as a god and that you are in control with your words. You end up having faith in your faith and not in God. The WOF is full of greed and materialism. Just flip on any WOF minister and see how long they can go before preaching money. WOF is obsessed with money.
The Word of Faith is a cultic movement. Click on Justin Peters web site in my links and watch his video exposing the Word of Faith. Never be afraid of the truth. The TRUTH will set you free!


  1. “B”…whoever you are, step up and put your name on here. Why do some people think that they are accomplishing something by cowardly attacking each other. Jesus is about love. It’s one thing to ask a legitimate question and await an honest answer. It’s something entirely different to ask a question, and in advance of the answer you have your mind made up that the answer will never be what YOU want it to be. This is a BIG snag for a WOFER. It’s STILL all about YOU, and you won’t hear correction from Jesus, or anyone in authority. “ME, ME, ME….Jesus, what have you done for ME lately?”
    Grow up, and step out into some Blessings for yourself. If you’re showing Love in your walk, you may be surprised by the Love that is shown back to you. But, if you keep on showing open disdain in your walk, don’t be surprised about open disdain being shown back to you….it’s all you’ll allow yourself to see, even if someone really is trying to show you love. You have a suspicious, black speck on your heart that you’d rather hang onto, instead of getting off the fence and into the WORD of God. Pick up the good Book, and put down the suspicion. In the end you’ve only hurt yourself, if you don’t. God Bless you.

  2. I will tell you when you have the guts and integrity to use your name and email address!

  3. Pastor John, I really don’ t understand – why didn’t Jesus heal them?

  4. Those people were not healed because of their unbelief in Jesus. Cebrina was healed because she believed in Jesus. Real faith is having faith in Jesus and not having faith in faith itself as is taught by many wofers.

  5. Pastor John, I hear you preach in church every now and then but I am confused. You said that you think Cebrina was healed by God. So what about the people in Mark 6:5-6? How come God did not heal them?

  6. I think Cebrina was healed by God and not by a verse. I have seen many non-wof people get healed, I have seen a lot of WOFERS die sick.

  7. Wow, you are so wise toward passages in the Bible. I guess the lady who was healed in your church on May 25th must feel really lucky that she was healed physically since healing is spiritual according to I Peter 2:24

  8. It is incredible how great God has become since I started obeying His Word instead of trying to get Him to obey by mine.

    Thank you the truth that you are sharing.

  9. AMEN, great comment. It is very exciting, sorta like finding new rooms in your house!

  10. One of the best things about coming out of that movement was discovering the wealth of good Gospel truth we found OUTSIDE the circle! We couldn’t believe it but Presbyterians, Methodists, Wesleyans, Baptists (of course), and all kinds of folks know God.
    The WOF doesn’t have the corner on the market, but they sure want you to believe they do. It’s a tiny little world they live in. It’s good to be FREE!


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