Posted by: John Edwards | June 23, 2008

Kicking and Screaming

I hate going to church. Not to mine of course but I hate being invited to other churches and meetings because I do this every day week in and week out. I am totally churched out. I have no desire to go listen to anyone. I especially don’t want to go to anything charismatic. I don’t like having my “mail read” and I’m sick and tired of being prophesied to. When it comes to preachers, I am very picky and extremely cautious.
So last night I went to church kicking and screaming all day about it. I would have rather walked naked down the interstate during rush hour. I would rather have a root canal. I would rather do yard work which I truly hate. The only reason I went was because this really sweet couple at church had invited to to come and hear this dude named Donny Kitchens that was going to preach at their mansion. (they really do live in a mansion) This couple has always been there for me so I had to go, but I dreaded it all week like I would a visit to the dentist. My stomach was in knots. I thought of hundreds of ways to get out of it. The last thing in the world that I wanted was for some pentecostal showboat preacher in my face for two hours!
Thank God I went! It was totally awesome……the best preaching that I have heard in a few years. It was incredible. God confirmed so many things to me and my wife through the sermon. God talked to me. This preacher was humble and REAL. I was glued to my seat and could have listened to him all night.
As it always happens to me at a charismatic service, I’m the one they always stand up to prophesie over…….and he did…..for like five whole minutes! YEP, HE READ ALL MY MAIL AND KNEW EVERYTHING THAT I WAS DEALING WITH AND GOING THRU. That’s real neat, that God would use that preacher to let me know that I am on the right track, and that I am right about some major changes that I have made. Its good to hear from God now and then. I feel sorry for all my Baptist friends that think the gifts have passed away.
If anyone ever invites you to hear a preacher named Donny Kitchens, take’em up on the invitation. Just don’t go kicking and screaming!


  1. That is truly great to hear and I believe you. John

  2. Just so you know, I’m a Baptist preacher, and I know very few Baptists who believe “the gifts have passed away.” Most Baptists are not cessationists. I’m sorry your experience has been different.


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