Posted by: John Edwards | June 6, 2008

Kool-aid Anyone?

First let me say that I am a tongue talker and that I believe in praying for the sick and the gifts of the Spirit. I raise my hands in worship. God talks to me in dreams. From time to time I can know things before they happen. So, I am a charismatic!
But I’m not a Kool-Aid drinker like many charasmaniacs are. I have spent the last 14 years totally caught up in what people call the Word of Faith Movement and have had my share of the Latter Rain Movement. I went to the Brownsville Revival at its peak. I have been to countless Holy Ghost Meetings. I have seen some wild stuff to say the least! I have been on the mission field in Kenya and have experienced some things most people probably will not ever experience.
Having said all of this, I have come to the conclusion that most of what I have seen in the “Land of Charasmania” is a bunch of made up HYPE.
Everyone is getting caught up into the latest outpouring in Florida. Signs, wonders, miracles, the raising of the dead, angelic appearances and the such. Thousands are flocking to the latest thing that God is doing in the earth. And gulping down the Kool-Aid!
I have learned to measure things by the rightly divided Word of God in CONTEXT. There are many things in the Charasmaniac Movement that are just not in the Bible. I have learned that many testimonies are blown way out of proportion and can rarely be verified. At these meetings, I have never seen a real miracle. All I see is emotional hype being cheered on by the Big Time Christian networks.
OK, I’m from Missouri. Not really, but it’s the “Show Me” state. Show me someone with Downs Syndrome get healed on the spot. Show me a paraplegic get healed on the spot. Show me a double amputee get his legs restored instantly. Show me a retarded child get healed instantly. Show me a burn victim get new skin instantly. Show me a grave yard dead body rise to life.
All they have is people that say that some one got healed.
All it is is theatrics. Any time the spot light is on man it is not a true move of God. This current revival/outpouring in Florida is called by the name of the minister that is doing the healings and miracles. All I read and hear about is HIM. Not Jesus.
Here is what TRUE REVIVAL will do: It will cause people to get on fire for Jesus. It will cause people to sell their possessions and give the money to the poor. True revival will cause Christians to start hitting the streets to feed the poor and to shelter the homeless. Signs and wonders are supposed to prove God, not bring glory to a man. A True revival brings people to Jesus, to repentance, to good works. True revival cause people to utterly forgive and fall in love with their fellow man. A revival is not running laps around a church or falling down at the touch of a man’s hand. In the Bible people were healed through the Name of Jesus, not by some one yelling “Bam“.
Come on my fellow Charismatics, quit blowing your money and time on theatrics and emotional hype. Don’t drink the Kool Aid!
I’m a so tired of “Bless Me Meetings”. It is time to forget about ourselves and to start doing the true works of Jesus. Get out on the streets. That’s where the harvest is. Your lost friends and neighbors will more impressed with your love and your character than they ever will be over some hyped up charasmania on the TV.


    Good Info on this subject here

  2. That would be great. I know many have been healed by the Lord, even me! Nice to hear from you John in Austrailia!

  3. Leslie Scrushy sent me an email that she witnessed a lady with CP get healed at this revival and that she had never felt the power of God as strong as she did there, and that she then went to see Richard in prison and prayer for him and that he was touched. Im glad to hear the testimony!

  4. The true miracle IS showing the love of God towards one another. Too many want to see an outward, physical healing, when it is the inward man that God is concerned with. I wonder how bitter the aftertaste of that Kool Aid was…

  5. It might be helpful if healing televangelists featured testimonies of earlier healings which have had time to be verified and which have been sustained. As well as the live, on-the-spot testimonies. I’m sure some of them are already doing this to some extent though. Well, praise God!

  6. Well said John! We have been keeping up with what has been going on in Lakeland, too, and you are right, it is a bunch of hype. And truly dangerous to those who accept it. This is a great post.


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